16 November 2017

Female spirits at Courtesan

Nope, this post is coming your way three weeks late... "Spirit" refers to the alcoholic kind, and "female" to the fact females are the ones behind the spirits offered at newly-refurbished Courtesan, a dim-sum restaurant in Brixton.

12 November 2017

You can't go wrong with a cheeseboard

I'm not sure why we only really associate cheeseboards with Christmas in England. If I had it my way, I'd indulge year round - but then maybe I wouldn't appreciate them so much? The combo of cheese, crackers and chutney is my weakness; once I have one, I can't stop.

24 October 2017

Little Shuffle Club, Shoreditch

I'm kind of crap at sports. Actually, strike that... I'm terrible at sports. I only become competitive when I'm doing vaguely well, and then I get overly enthusiastic, lose focus, and er, lose. So the launch of London's first permanent table shuffle club, The Little Shuffle Club, peaked my interest. 

12 October 2017

A few from Lisbon

My trip was well timed. As the season changed, I said goodbye to the last quarter of the year and what it represented to me, and hopped on a plane. Three hours later, in Portugal, I felt lighter. And as the warmth hit my skin, I could breathe deeper too.
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