29 December 2012

New Year's Nostalgia

Whenever the year comes to an end I automatically question every aspect of my life and decide whether the year has been a good one - in which case: yay! - or a bad one (cue plan to drown my sorrows. ASAP). Hear that? It's the sound of nostalgia, hitting me smack-bang across the face.

Despite always thinking of the negatives, this time I've found it a lot harder to do so... because the more I think about it, the more I realise this year has actually been pretty amazing. Want the reasons? Oh, go on then...
  1. I managed to finish my second year of university with a secure 2:1, and did best in a FOREIGN LITERATURE MODULE even though to this day all I could tell you was "Hello" and "Very good."
  2. I have been reassured I am not completely invisible to the opposite sex. Ahem. Moving swiftly on...
  3. I have made new friends, gotten closer to people I used to consider not so close, and gotten EVEN CLOSER to my housemates. Not much I do can surprise them now.
  4. I went on my first holiday without my parents and survived, ignoring the fact we were delayed for over a day and we were terrified we'd never make it home.
  5. I won an award for "Best Comment Writer of the Year" - which I'm still absolutely thrilled about.
  6. I was lucky enough to score an internship with the lovely Yumi & Uttam, which meant I got to live the London dream for a week and remind me exactly why I'm working my arse off writing numerous essays. And I secured some work experience for Red Bull!
  7. I discovered Twitter. And this blog.
  8. I've had a phone interview for a possible internship for after I graduate next year (still waiting to hear whether that was a massive success or epic failure).
  9. I've learned that I cannot shot Sambuca anymore. And don't even mention Tequila.
  10. I have changed my hair for the first time in about 4 years. Goodbye fringe, hello dip-dye. Whatever next?
And, d'oh, forgetting the most crazy thing to have happened this year - I got a tattoo! Me, who said I'd never ever got one, only went a flippin' got one. Phew.

So even though this year has presented challenges, and pit-falls, and moments where sometimes I just couldn't be bothered to get out of bed, all in all, I've had the time of my life!

It's crazy to think that this time next year I don't know what the heck I'll be doing (hopefully internships) or where I'll be living (London, please), but it's also very very exciting.

2013 will be the year I hand my dissertation in, graduate from university and enter the big wide world; a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed graduate... Who knows what's in store?

And the big question - will I be making any New Year's Resolutions?

Answer: only one, and that is to try and come to terms with the fact that things, most things, are completely out of my control, and there's not much I can do about them! I've learned I'm a happier person taking each day as it comes and trying to look on the bright side, so I'll try and channel this into 2013. Easier said than done, but I could do a lot worse.

Have a happy new year, everyone! 

21 December 2012

Christmas Cheer!

It's Chriiiiiiiistmaaaaaaaas!

With only 4 days until we get to unwrap what Santa has brought us, no one can deny that the Christmas spirit has well and truly descended upon society. Turns out it's not the end of the world as we know it...

I celebrated the non-apocalypse by bravely venturing into York to do some Christmas shopping (I couldn't really put it off any longer once I knew we were definitely having a Christmas this year, could I?)

As predicted, it was oh-so busy.  I quickly remembered that I tend to stick to online shopping for a reason - p&p is a small price to pay to avoid the hassle of avoiding crashing into irritable people and lugging around presents in the freezing cold.

I think my favourite thing about the festive season - apart from spending time with my family - is the Christmas knits.  It's the one time of year you can bring out all the Granddad jumpers and wear them in a non-ironic way.

If you're a skinny minny/not very busty, you can throw on a jumper and look more cosy than... rounded, so take advantage of it!  Whether they be plain, studded, sparkly or printed, there is something out there for EVERYONE. No excuses.  As a wonderful means of fashion advice (/procrastination - go away dissertation), here are my favourite Christmas jumpers around at the moment.

Duck Jumper - Miss Selfridge - for when you have York withdrawal...

Crystal Necklace Jumper - Topshop - The blush pink is pretty and wintry and the embellishment stops it from being too plain

Polar Bear Jumper - Topshop - It's a polar bear with a Christmas hat on... do I really need to say anymore?

 Skiing Jumper - Beyond Retro - Not hitting the slopes in Val D'Isere this Christmas? Not to worry, you can wear a skiing jumper instead.

Gingerbread Jumper - Modcloth - If Costa's Gingerbread Lattes don't satisy your gingerbread lust, here's the solution.

Boxy Jumper - Modcloth - Big, baggy and warm. Perfect for those afternoon naps after consuming one too many eggnogs.

These are all really cosy-looking and make you want to snuggle up on the sofa, stuff your face with Quality Streets and watch Christmas movies (or maybe this is just me?)

I've personally asked Santa for two jumpers for Christmas. If I can get away with a baggy jumper and leggings for the next few months, I'll be happy.

Keep Calm and Stay Warm, guys!

8 December 2012

My foray into feminism.

I've always advocated equal rights for females, but I guess I've never really considered myself a "Feminist", as such.

Nowadays feminism is equated with men-hating lesbians who wear dungarees, shave their heads and refuse to wear bras, which is completely wrong.  It's created an odd taboo and I think it's high time this stereotype be put to bed.

I'm writing an essay on the issue of consent in Little Red Riding Hood and I've been thoroughly disturbed by the things I've come across in my research - rape narratives, the initiative behind the SlutWalk (which I never really appreciated before, the site is slutmeansspeakup.org.uk) and the attitude that remains about women who are supposedly "asking for it" by wearing short skirts.  It's harrowing stuff.

Unsurprisingly, this material has brought out my inner feminist, and now every time I come across sexist, malicious content, I get a little bit angry.  The fact that people continue to joke about sexism means it will never be taken seriously, and it justifies sexual harassment   Until women and men are perceived as equals, women ARE being oppressed.  People that think women have achieved equality in the world are wrong - there is still a lot that needs to be done.

For anyone who isn't aware, there has been a massive scandal over the last few days regarding one of Hallmark card's designs with an image that was posted on Twitter by EverydaySexism.  The design of the card is below:

(Courtesy of @EverydaySexism)

The design is said to have passed through checks 15 years ago and wasn't reproduced, but still. Everything is wrong with this card.  Telling a 13 year old girl she needs a boyfriend and that said boyfriend will shower her with expensive goods only if she gets "bigger boobies"... just, what?!

There's also been a scandal with FHM for this image, which jokes about men's "victims" - apparently domestic violence is a laughing matter now?

 (Courtesy of The Independent)

I just don't understand.  How can people say that feminists need to get over themselves when this kind of thing continues to be printed?  And sorry, but if the guy I was sleeping with asked me if he could wear my socks I don't think I'd let him.  They wouldn't fit, for starters, and it's a tad weird.

People may argue that serious things sometimes need to be made into a joke - after all, life is too short to live too seriously - but it's important that sexism isn't made into a joke because rape is no laughing matter.  Labelling women as "victims" is demeaning and shows a complete lack of respect. 

I'm pretty sure no one's laughing when they're raped;  maybe FHM should think about that one the next time they decide to be "hilarious".  I think until men appreciate the horror of being physically attacked/violated and being completely powerless to fight against it, there's not much that can be done.  A little bit of empathy would go a long way.

Over and out.

28 November 2012

Party Prepping.

It's almost December which means... PARTY TIME.

Well, party time for people that aren't in their last year at university and see the festive month as having to do 8000 words worth of essays. Ahem.

Ignoring that major minor obstacle, December means College/Work Balls, get-togethers with friends and family you haven't seen in what feels like forever, and the chance to get very very tipsy and embarrass yourself singing Slade, Cliff Richard and Justin Bieber (don't pretend like you haven't heard "Mistletoe" before).

I'm a sucker for Christmas decorations, especially Christmas lights in towns, and the excuse to bundle myself in everything except a duvet when I'm forced to leave the house...

Sentimentality aside, what really makes the festive season is the dresses! 

I'm personally absolutely loving the gothic, midi and baroque dresses that are in fashion at the moment.  They make a refreshing change from the floral prints which have been around for the last, erm, 3 years or so.  And it forces me to try something a little different.

For the last few years I've stuck to pretty, just above the knee, girly dresses.  But for my upcoming Christmas ball I decided - to hell with it! - I was going to don a bit of pleather and studs, with a bit of gold thrown in (I couldn't throw my girly urges aside entirely ,okay?).  It all sounds like a random mish-mash, but take a look:


As it's from Ark I'm bloody terrified someone will have the same dress as me, so fingers crossed.  I always say it's fine if someone has the same dress, as long as you look better in it, BUT, there's no guarantee.  Girls keep getting prettier every year.

And can I just point out that I practice what I preach! This dress is high-necked and has a low back.  I'm going to borrow my friend's bra extender (technically I don't need to wear a bra, but I don't want to be cold, and it might itch) because I can't be bothered/am now too skint to buy a different bra solution.

But maybe this is TMI - sorry!

I'm going to join the tango club and get a bit of fake tan on, and go for bright red lippy, gold accessories and black wedges. And maybe wear a blazer, because it gets a little chilly at our ball venue.  I like that the dress isn't entirely formal because it'll mean I actually get to wear it more than once. Perfect.

I can't wait to spend quality time with friends in the classy venue of our ball before descending into a rather tipsy state and boogeying on down, wailing along to The Pogues.

So party on, ladies!

10 November 2012

Va Va Voom.

Check me out - I've totally just used a popular culture reference for my post title. Say what you like about my home girl Nicki Minaj, but she knows how to make a bangin' tune.

Anyway, the title is actually very relevant to what I want to discuss today. I didn't just use it for the sake of it, promise.

I'm going to address being SEXY. That's right, small-busted and sexy.  It's not impossible. How do us smaller ladies add a bit of va va voom into our lives (see?)?

Sometimes it is very very difficult when you go out to not be overwhelmed with the ample amount of cleavage on display.  It's everywhere.  As a girl, you can't help being drawn to what you lack, and in my case it's BOOBS.

Sorry, but if they're out on display - everyone can see them. Men and women alike.  It doesn't make me a lesbian, or bi-sexual, it merely means I have the ability of sight.  Your eyes will naturally be drawn those bad boys.

And let's face it - boobs are sexy.  If the majority of ladies want to add oomph, they can just wack out that triple gel push up bra and suddenly, they are Nicki Minaj. Almost.

But it's not the end of the world for us who weren't gifted by the Gods with a C+ cup.  It's really not.  You've just gotta oomph other areas of your appearance and work it.  Here's what I recommend:
  1. Have plain but luscious hair? Make it BIG.  Use an amazing leave-in conditioner to make it super shiny and then attack it with the curlers/straighteners/whatever gives it volume.  And hairspray it to death. Ta-da!
  2. As discussed here, small-busted women can get away with high-necked clothes.  If you want to add a bit of "wow factor" to your outfit, why not dare to bare and invest in a low-backed dress?  Modest and conservative at the front, but oh, would you look at that?  Bringing sexy BACK.
  3. Got killer legs?  Get 'em out.  Yes, I know it's November and it's cold and you probably don't fancy shaving but how committed to being sexy are you?  Do it.  And don't forget to moisturise.  The flaky leg look will never be in fashion and it's sure as hell not sexy.
  4. If, unlike me, you're a bit of a wizz with the old make up brush, take the time to make your eyes POP.  Make them dazzle.  Hypnotise people with your eyes and they won't be looking for your boobs, trust me.
  5. Bodycon.  Possibly the most obvious choice.  Skin-tight clothing doesn't tend to leave much to the imagination.  Also, this type of thing is good for gals like me who have a bit of a ghetto booty.  Work your lady lumps!
Also, as cheesy as it sounds, SMILE.  A bright smile oozes confidence, and confidence is sexy.  Believe in yourself and allow yourself to be sexy.  When you're out clubbing, request a song that makes you feel sexy and absolutely rock it.  My preference is anything by Jason Derulo.  Honestly.  Whatever happened to that man?  Oh, well.

At the end of the day, sexy can be what you make it.  Take a good look at yourself, find something you can enhance, and voila!  Who needs breast enhancements when you've got other things going on anyway?

Now run along, you sexy young things.  Don't blame me if you get any unwanted attention!

7 November 2012

"YOLO" - a no no?

This is an issue that has been on my mind for about a week now.

You know how I said in my first post that my blog would also be privy to my general wonderings?  Well, here goes.

YOLO. It's everywhere. Whether it's hashtagged on twitter, moaned about on facebook, plastered on t-shirts (yes, I have seen them, they do exist), there's no escaping the "YOLO" craze.

For those who have been hiding under a hole for the last year or so, YOLO is an acronym for "You Only Live Once."  Spoken aloud, it's pronounced like "Polo" but with a "Y", obviously.

The thing is, shouting out "YOLO!" has become taboo. Suddenly, this seemingly laissez-faire, "I don't give a flying pig's bum" mantra, when typed or spoken in a non-ironic way, is something to be sneered at.

"YOLO? Oh my God, you did not just say that. How chavvy."

Or even a simple yet effective "Shut up." With maybe some expletives thrown in for good measure.

In a linguistic sense, maybe the "o" assonance hits to close to home with yobbish chants.  After all, you never hear anyone say "YOLO" quietly. It's always shouted - it's brash and loud.

The problem is, people use this mantra to do stupid, sometimes even dickish (sorry mother) things.  They use it as an excuse. 

Drank too much and threw up over some innocent bystanders? "YOLO!"

Snogging 6 girls in one night? "YOLO!"

Starting a fight with someone who's given you beef? "YOLO!"

Somewhere, somehow, the meaning behind the mantra has gotten lost.  It's latin, more sophisticated equivalent - if you like - is "Carpe Diem", or "Seize the day."

Has anyone ever used that in a pejorative sense?  No.  Carpe Diem is always equated with doing inspiration things, living your life to the max, etc.

The point is, I went a bit "YOLO" crazy the other week on Halloween.  I usually dress quite modestly, but this year I decided, Screw it, I'm going to wear tight clothing and yes, my bum will be out for the world to see.  After all, YOLO!

Now, saying that does not make me a chav.  I don't believe simply saying YOLO should categorise a person as yobbish, pathetic and likely to do stupid things.  That is the category I was immediately put into, and I was looked down upon for it.  Tutting ensued.  I could have said "Carpe Diem" but I didn't.  So sue me!

Will this stop me saying YOLO?  Hell no.

You really do only live once.  Why should anyone be punished for pointing this fact out?  Yes, some people do exploit this, but people will always exploit things! That, my friends, is human nature.

But if a girl wants to throw caution to the wind, wear those almost indecent leggings and have a good time, let her "YOLO" away her night away in peace.

29 October 2012

Book berating.

First of all, apologies for not updating this blog for two whole weeks. I have been utterly swamped by seminar reading, my dissertation and various other third-year woeful occurrences I won't bother boring you with. Phew.

My housemate linked me to this beauty earlier...

(Courtesy of Tickld.com)

Now some people might laugh, find it humorous, or at the very least, allow themselves a cheeky wry smile.

"Oh, look at the puns!" "Ann A. Kupp - ho, ho, ho! Geddit?" "'Enlarged?' Oh my!" etc etc.

And I'm not going to be ridiculous and say it's an insult to women, feminism and the like (because some of the stuff is amusing).

But it quite literally belittles the issue of breast-size.  I'd even go as far to say it mocks those who are small-chested. When I saw the link, the first thing I saw was the main title "The Advantages of Being Small Chested."

Great! I thought, Here's some motivational literature, at last, that celebrates those who aren't the Kim Kardashians of the world.  But then... ah, yes. Here we go - people failing to take the issue seriously... AGAIN.

It's things like this which make my cause pretty difficult. How can girls love themselves when things like this exist? Yes, I know it's a light-hearted joke.  However, how many books do you see that mock women with an average cup size?

Admittedly, magazines and glossies will always gossip about breast augmentations (Does it look natural? Will she get them even BIGGER next time?) but never do they make women feel inferior for it.  And if on the rare occasion, they do, the women who have had the surgery have chosen this.  Women like me, and other small-chested ladies, haven't.

So this kind of literature, as "hilarious" as it is, does unfortunately carry negative consequences with it.

On a positive note, I did a cheeky bit of Google-ing and found this amazing blog page which all small-chested ladies should check out.

I did search for a serious book about advantages but NONE CAME UP. A gap in the market, perhaps?


A massive thanks to "New Adventures of Christine" - good going, girl! I particularly like the illustrations.

Comments welcome!


15 October 2012

High-neck Highnesses

Yes, that just happened.  In my title I have suggested that ladies working their "good things come in small packages" bust are akin to royalty.

I realised I haven't really addressed the "tat" part of my blog title (which is kind of rubbish of me!) so to redeem myself, I am doing just that. Huzzah!

I absolutely ADORE the clothing website Jones and Jones www.jonesandjonesfashion.com 

They are quite pricey but the dresses/skirts are very pretty and I indulged in one for my college Christmas Ball. I got a fair few compliments (which makes the not-so-humble spend justified, obviously)

Anyway, the dress I wore had very high neck.  As in, if my neck and dress were a couple, the combination would have resulted in people yelling "Get a room! Stop being all over each other!"

Basically, it was high.

My more busty companions would not have been able to "work" the dress.  

For one, a size 8 (the size I wore) had literally no room for a bust.  And if I'd have gotten a size up, it probably wouldn't have fit in the right place.  The style of the dress is definitely for a slim, small-busted girl.  My slim but busty friends would have struggled to get the same dress fitting bust-wise and length-wise.

Secondly, it is far less flattering for boobalicious girls to wear high-necked tops.  It looks like their boobs are being suffocated and it makes them look bigger.  And if the torso isn't fitted right, it can have the effect of not distinguishing between bust and stomach, giving them a probably utterly unwelcome weight gain.

Just another thing to celebrate!

Here's an example of one of their b-e-a-utiful dresses, by the way.  If you want to put on a dress and instantly feel fabulous, look no further...

Jones and Jones Disappearing Daisy Dress

(Also, since the bra solutions might be slightly complicated, "small" girls just wouldn't need to wear a bra. Win)

5 October 2012

Reason you don't want a big bust #1

It's me again, this time launching straight into it. Prepare yourselves.

Reason #1 why it's okay to be an A (like the rhyme? There's a reason I do English Lit, y'know)

Drum roll, please!
... You don't have to wear one of these:
(courtesy of "Self", the Icebreaker Merino Rush Bra)

For anyone who doesn't recognise this, it is a SPORTS BRA.

Otherwise known as one of the most unattractive things a woman can wear, along with Spanx, off-white underwear and Crocs (if you have Crocs, please do the decent thing and bin them.  Feel better yet?)

I am slowly recovering from a life-long disease described as "Gym phobia", and I was pleased to discover my endeavors on the cross-trainer would not require purchasing a sports bra.

That is not to say I don't need a bra - running up the stairs "slumming it" in a hoody is still quite painful, even for me - but I don't need strong elastic to contain anything.

The way I see it, my petite bust is practical, and I feel like I should take advantage of this, exercise-wise.  I have no excuse - there's nothing stopping me! And by nothing stopping me, I'm referring to not needing to be afraid of being knocked out by my massive boobs.

On a financial note, this saves me -and anyone else in a similar position - money. I have this very minute just searched "sports bra" on Google, the world's favourite search engine, and the cheapest one I could find was £13 from JD Sports.

I can think of many things I could spent £13 on. A few mocha frappucinos (with squirty cream, of course), or some stationery from Paperchase, or cocktails... the list goes on.

So, my fellow small-chested ladies, why not budget £13 this week, buy something indulgent and be like, "Hey, I have small boobs and I'm just great, so I deserve this diary/cocktail/tasty beverage and I certainly won't have to spend it on a sports bra!"

Or something.

Until next time!

(P.S. I take no responsibility for anyone venturing into their overdraft - spend at your own risk...)

1 October 2012

Check these ladies out for size.

Who says you need cleavage to be considered sexy? Erm... definitely not me.

Here's a little collage I have made with my "Top 10" beautiful, sexy and SMALL-CHESTED celebrities. I have been quite creepy and Google-d their cup sizes... most of them measure in at an A cup, with a few Bs (off the top of my head, I think Cameron, Alexis and Mila are Bs, but don't hold me to it...)

(I take no credit for any of the images, please don't sue me, tumblr people!)

So we've got Keira Knightley, Kate Moss, Cameron Diaz, Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson, Kate Hudson, Emma Stone, Audrey Hepburn, Alexis Bledel and Mila Kunis.

These women are stunning.  Look at them! And they aren't just "girl hot", they are "guy hot" too.  I know plenty of men who think these girls are fiiiiiiiiiiiine, fit, bang tidy, whatever.

Do they (did they, in Audrey's case, RIP) let having a small chest get them down?  Or stop them being successful?  In fact, the question is, are these women any less successful for having a small chest?


And seeing these women on screen, I haven't ever thought, "She's just not as sexy as *insert bigger-boobed celebrity here* because she's less busty" or "She'd look so much better in that outfit if she were a few cup sizes bigger."

Why? Because they have other things going for them.  Whether this be their hair, facial features, legs, bum, voice (Emma Stone's husky voice is so damn sexy!) or personality, you forget they aren't a DD. And to be honest, I don't think it even matters.

Anyway, let this collage be a reminder that bust doesn't equal beauty.  Femininity is something that we own, as girls.  It doesn't manifest itself in fat blobs on your chest.

Be feminine, be free... and don't beat yourself up that you aren't Keira Knightley in that new Chanel advert. Although a girl can dream

24 September 2012

My motivation.

Last night, instead of doing the sensible thing and having a productive reading session before a guilt-free sleep, I hit youtube. It seems I'm more interested in research for this blog rather than my dissertation (eep!)

Anyway, I searched "being flat-chested" and was unpleasantly surprised to stumble upon this:

It disturbed me for many reasons, and brought to light just how negatively having a small chest is being presented in our humble world.  I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

Firstly, Angela says "Look at playboy... none of the women there are flat-chested."  I can't dispute this, but the fact she sees appearing in Playboy magazine as a representative of female beauty upsets me.  And at the end of the day, you have to consider two things when it comes to "Male magazines"

  1. Is the audience of such magazines the type of person you want to be attracted to you? and
  2. Do you believe the audience of such magazines to see these women as "standard"?
Maybe I'm not making sense.  What I'm trying to say is that personally, I'm not worried about how my having a small chest is perceived to males generally.  I'd rather be attractive to the type of males that read other magazines, such as GQ or FHM (a somewhat "classier" male magazine, showing celebs like Millie Mackintosh, who isn't DD+, looking perfectly gorgeous), or y'know, NEWSPAPERS.  Or, even better, a man who isn't obsessed with chest size.  And in regard to the second point - if males honestly think the models in Playboy, Nuts, whatever, are "real women" and set the standard for women everywhere, they are utterly delusional.

Moving on... no, no one ever whines for a flat chest, but that is not to say that women don't whine for smaller chests.  And women with smaller chests can be seen as beautiful, even sexy. This is something I aim to show in later posts.

"If I had boobs, my body would be perfect" - NO NO NO. I'm sorry, but who has the "perfect" body?  Admittedly, people can look at other people and say "God, I wish I had his/her figure", but you go and ask them "Do you think you have the perfect body?" and I'm 99% sure they will say "No." If Angela had boobs, I'm certain she'd find something else she wasn't happy with.  This is not just Angela, this is for anybody.  Our imperfections make us beautiful and unique.  They distinguish us, and prevent us from looking like robots.

It's sad to hear that she can't find bras/clothes to fit her. This sounds bizarre to me (I'm not saying she's lying) but here in England at least I feel stores cater to all sizes of women.  You've just gotta unleash your inner Gok Wan and find the styles that flatter you.  There are definitely clothes small-chested girls can get away with that bustier women cannot.

The only positive part of the video is at the end: her 4 reasons for not getting breast implants, all of which are very, very true.
  1. Cost
  2. Maintenance 
  3. Putting synthetic materials inside you probably isn't entirely healthy
  4. Pain
With these aspects in mind, it really is better to make the best of what you have - or haven't - got.

I want these negative videos to stop.  They shouldn't exist.  I'd be a hypocrite to say I'm happy with my body, but you've just gotta work what your mamma gave you - you owe it to her!  And it's common knowledge that you've got to start loving yourself before anyone else can start to love you. Girls need to start loving themselves.


23 September 2012

Welcome to my blog!

I just spent about 5 minutes contemplating how to start this blog and greet potential followers (is "hello" too formal? Is "howdy" too... western?) so I figure I'll just skip the formalities.  This is my blog, after all, so I guess anything goes :)

I guess before I get started I better explain the meaning behind the title (and give a special mention to my housemate, Cass - I chose this one, thaaanks!). Ahem.

It's no secret that I have not been blessed with a large, er, bosom. There is pretty much nothing going on for me, chest-wise.  Unfortunately, the media has presented the ideal body type to be slim, with a healthy butt, zero cellulite, and ample cleavage.  Therefore, I quite frankly don't fit this stereotype.

Hey, not everyone can be Beyonce, right?

So, I have taken it upon myself to be an unofficial ambassador for flat-chested girls everywhere.  This explains the "tit" part of the title.  But here comes the genius bit...

I love fashion. I'll hold my hands up right now and admit I am not exactly "fashionable", but I appreciate the art of having a vision, then transforming that vision into something exquisite. I read Glamour, like to flick through Grazia and love Blair Waldorf, basically.  Anyway, the "tat" part refers to clothes.

My blog, simply put, aims to show that having a humble cup size can be a positive thing, as far as fashion is concerned and hey, in general life. You don't have to be a "C-cup" to have a good time. I will strive to find clothes, "tat", for petite ladies... tits. And generally brag about the plus points of having small points (okay, I'll stop now).

Amongst these endeavors, you will also be privy to my ponderings about love, life, and just about anything else I can think of.

Peace! xoxo (yes, I'm obsessed with Gossip Girl)
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