23 September 2012

Welcome to my blog!

I just spent about 5 minutes contemplating how to start this blog and greet potential followers (is "hello" too formal? Is "howdy" too... western?) so I figure I'll just skip the formalities.  This is my blog, after all, so I guess anything goes :)

I guess before I get started I better explain the meaning behind the title (and give a special mention to my housemate, Cass - I chose this one, thaaanks!). Ahem.

It's no secret that I have not been blessed with a large, er, bosom. There is pretty much nothing going on for me, chest-wise.  Unfortunately, the media has presented the ideal body type to be slim, with a healthy butt, zero cellulite, and ample cleavage.  Therefore, I quite frankly don't fit this stereotype.

Hey, not everyone can be Beyonce, right?

So, I have taken it upon myself to be an unofficial ambassador for flat-chested girls everywhere.  This explains the "tit" part of the title.  But here comes the genius bit...

I love fashion. I'll hold my hands up right now and admit I am not exactly "fashionable", but I appreciate the art of having a vision, then transforming that vision into something exquisite. I read Glamour, like to flick through Grazia and love Blair Waldorf, basically.  Anyway, the "tat" part refers to clothes.

My blog, simply put, aims to show that having a humble cup size can be a positive thing, as far as fashion is concerned and hey, in general life. You don't have to be a "C-cup" to have a good time. I will strive to find clothes, "tat", for petite ladies... tits. And generally brag about the plus points of having small points (okay, I'll stop now).

Amongst these endeavors, you will also be privy to my ponderings about love, life, and just about anything else I can think of.

Peace! xoxo (yes, I'm obsessed with Gossip Girl)

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