15 October 2012

High-neck Highnesses

Yes, that just happened.  In my title I have suggested that ladies working their "good things come in small packages" bust are akin to royalty.

I realised I haven't really addressed the "tat" part of my blog title (which is kind of rubbish of me!) so to redeem myself, I am doing just that. Huzzah!

I absolutely ADORE the clothing website Jones and Jones www.jonesandjonesfashion.com 

They are quite pricey but the dresses/skirts are very pretty and I indulged in one for my college Christmas Ball. I got a fair few compliments (which makes the not-so-humble spend justified, obviously)

Anyway, the dress I wore had very high neck.  As in, if my neck and dress were a couple, the combination would have resulted in people yelling "Get a room! Stop being all over each other!"

Basically, it was high.

My more busty companions would not have been able to "work" the dress.  

For one, a size 8 (the size I wore) had literally no room for a bust.  And if I'd have gotten a size up, it probably wouldn't have fit in the right place.  The style of the dress is definitely for a slim, small-busted girl.  My slim but busty friends would have struggled to get the same dress fitting bust-wise and length-wise.

Secondly, it is far less flattering for boobalicious girls to wear high-necked tops.  It looks like their boobs are being suffocated and it makes them look bigger.  And if the torso isn't fitted right, it can have the effect of not distinguishing between bust and stomach, giving them a probably utterly unwelcome weight gain.

Just another thing to celebrate!

Here's an example of one of their b-e-a-utiful dresses, by the way.  If you want to put on a dress and instantly feel fabulous, look no further...

Jones and Jones Disappearing Daisy Dress

(Also, since the bra solutions might be slightly complicated, "small" girls just wouldn't need to wear a bra. Win)

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