10 November 2012

Va Va Voom.

Check me out - I've totally just used a popular culture reference for my post title. Say what you like about my home girl Nicki Minaj, but she knows how to make a bangin' tune.

Anyway, the title is actually very relevant to what I want to discuss today. I didn't just use it for the sake of it, promise.

I'm going to address being SEXY. That's right, small-busted and sexy.  It's not impossible. How do us smaller ladies add a bit of va va voom into our lives (see?)?

Sometimes it is very very difficult when you go out to not be overwhelmed with the ample amount of cleavage on display.  It's everywhere.  As a girl, you can't help being drawn to what you lack, and in my case it's BOOBS.

Sorry, but if they're out on display - everyone can see them. Men and women alike.  It doesn't make me a lesbian, or bi-sexual, it merely means I have the ability of sight.  Your eyes will naturally be drawn those bad boys.

And let's face it - boobs are sexy.  If the majority of ladies want to add oomph, they can just wack out that triple gel push up bra and suddenly, they are Nicki Minaj. Almost.

But it's not the end of the world for us who weren't gifted by the Gods with a C+ cup.  It's really not.  You've just gotta oomph other areas of your appearance and work it.  Here's what I recommend:
  1. Have plain but luscious hair? Make it BIG.  Use an amazing leave-in conditioner to make it super shiny and then attack it with the curlers/straighteners/whatever gives it volume.  And hairspray it to death. Ta-da!
  2. As discussed here, small-busted women can get away with high-necked clothes.  If you want to add a bit of "wow factor" to your outfit, why not dare to bare and invest in a low-backed dress?  Modest and conservative at the front, but oh, would you look at that?  Bringing sexy BACK.
  3. Got killer legs?  Get 'em out.  Yes, I know it's November and it's cold and you probably don't fancy shaving but how committed to being sexy are you?  Do it.  And don't forget to moisturise.  The flaky leg look will never be in fashion and it's sure as hell not sexy.
  4. If, unlike me, you're a bit of a wizz with the old make up brush, take the time to make your eyes POP.  Make them dazzle.  Hypnotise people with your eyes and they won't be looking for your boobs, trust me.
  5. Bodycon.  Possibly the most obvious choice.  Skin-tight clothing doesn't tend to leave much to the imagination.  Also, this type of thing is good for gals like me who have a bit of a ghetto booty.  Work your lady lumps!
Also, as cheesy as it sounds, SMILE.  A bright smile oozes confidence, and confidence is sexy.  Believe in yourself and allow yourself to be sexy.  When you're out clubbing, request a song that makes you feel sexy and absolutely rock it.  My preference is anything by Jason Derulo.  Honestly.  Whatever happened to that man?  Oh, well.

At the end of the day, sexy can be what you make it.  Take a good look at yourself, find something you can enhance, and voila!  Who needs breast enhancements when you've got other things going on anyway?

Now run along, you sexy young things.  Don't blame me if you get any unwanted attention!


  1. I swear by my triple gel bra. Makes us look like I'm at least a C cup...


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