31 January 2013

Boyfriend shirts & Blazers.

It's cold at the moment.  Where I am in York is not only cold, but windy and rainy and generally a hostile place to be. Brrrrr.

Recently though, I have found a small sense pleasure in identifying clothes that will help keep me warm without making me resemble a caterpillar.

A word-of-mouth tip from a friend yesterday informing me of an "Everything for £5" vintage shop in town helped me come across a treasure trove of christmas jumpers and tat. However, something there was a lot of was SHIRTS. Shirts everywhere.  They were lacking decent stuff in the women's "section" (the shop was more like a glorified jumble sale, but beggars can't be choosers) so I gave up and went to browse the men's. Within minutes I'd found a checked flannel shirt that was clearly way too big for me and fit the bill exactly - I was going for cosy, not fitted.

I wore it today with the two bottom buttons undone, tied up a-la cowgirl, pairing it with a black flippy skirt, some gold jewellery and warm boots. There's something liberating about making a boyfriend shirt (okay, it's quite literally a boy's. shirt.) more girly. I like to think I looked more stylish than walk of shame, but you can't win them all...

Blazers, right. In the same shop the male friend I was browsing with picked up a long-line grey tweed blazer that was too narrow for him at the shoulders.  His loss was my gain. It'll be fab for the winter to spring weather cross-over when layered with thin tops/jumpers, and it manages to look androgynous without looking like I'm dressing up in my Dad's clothes.

The point of the article is, more petite girls - I'm running out of euphemisms for small chests here, sorry! - can get away with the androgynous look.  Even though I'm aware Agyness Deyn was successfully rocking this look years ago, I have only just decided to embrace it, and it's good fun.  With the right accessories it can really add an edge to an outfit without looking like you've tried too hard which is perfect for someone like me who's mantra at the moment is "If I can get away with it, that's enough."

NOTE: If anyone comes across a similar "Everything for £x" shop - STAY CALM. Lots of the stuff there will be absolute rubbish, but the fact it's all cheap as chips means you'll see everything through rose-tinted glasses. Be savvy.  Think to yourself: would I still like this if it was double the price? Lots of these offers are non-refundable; imagine how annoyed you'd be if you got home, took off the rose-tinted glasses and hated what you'd purchased. Fine, a fiver isn't a lot, but that's still a cheap bottle of wine from the co-op...

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