6 January 2013

Tubes, Big Necklaces and my new friend, Abdul

Shock, horror! I am moving away from my alliterative titles for the simple reason that being creative makes my brain hurt a bit too much.

A few days ago I visited London for interviews.  I had two interviews in one day, in utterly different locations, and the whole day was stressful but brilliant.

Of course, this meant I had to put together the perfect outfit, something simultaneously professional and stylish.  I also wanted to inject a bit of my personality into the look.

So, first things first - how to look professional?  This bit was quite easy, as I'd invested in a black blazer from H&M a few months before.  Blazer? Check.

I then decided that I wanted a colour theme, and settled on black and gold (gold is for winners, after all).  I knew I was getting a lovely gold skirt from Topshop for Christmas from my parents, so I just needed to find a top to match...

Which I found in Primark, of all places!  I settled on a white, sheer shirt, with printed black and gold butterflies.  It was super pretty, and an absolute steal at £12!

The base of the outfit down, I then needed to accessorise.  I'm usually absolutely awful at accessorising, so this was quite the challenge.  My friend Chelsea advised me to stand out by wearing a statement necklace (thanks for the advice, Chelsea!), and I thought all hope was lost until I found an amazing black and gold chunky necklace - again in Primark - for £6.

I teamed the outfit with thick black tights and my beloved brown leather boots with a slight heel, and my hair in a ponytail (apparently giving me an "open, inviting face"...) and voila, outfit complete.  I kept my make up simple, with a natural face, a bit of blush, a hint of gold eyeshadow and some pink Elizabeth Arden lipstick.

If you follow the following link you can see the top half of my outfit, with a few of my friends when we went out later that evening to the ever classy "Harvester" http://instagram.com/p/UEwpwAqJc2/

The interviews themselves were fine - the second one grilled me rather a lot, but I think they were just trying to see if I was serious about the internship... I did manage to make a new friend called Abdul, though!  When I got hideously lost I asked the first guy in a suit who didn't look shifty for directions and when he started to lead me down a side street I DID start to panic a little, but it all worked out well in the end.

But what is the point I'm getting to? Big necklaces are brilliant.  If you haven't already got one, take advantage of the sales and go buy one now! It immediately glams up an understated outfit and can be worn for professional purposes, too.  Normally I wear delicate little necklaces, but I think I can be converted.

So why not make an accessory you've always wanted to try (but never quite had the courage to) your new year's resolution?

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