10 February 2013

Daydreaming about Dahlia.

My 21st birthday is coming up which means I've been trawling the internet and thinking "What can I ask for that is super nice and not something I couldn't usually buy?"

Luckily, the solution came to me pretty quickly in the form of Dahlia (www.dahlia.com)

I've had my eye on this brand for a few years. It has a single store on Carnaby Street, London, and specialises in really pretty, feminine designs in sumptuous fabrics. At the moment their collection includes a nod to the Western, baroque print jumpers, quirky pinafores and flowing skirts... amongst other beautiful things.

The clothing is quite unique, which means they can get away with their higher-than-your-average-Topshop prices, shirts costing upwards of £38, for example.  Unfortunately they don't offer student discount which I think would be really good for them (if any people working for Dahlia read this: pretty please!) which means I can only usually afford Dahlia when it goes on sale.

Anyway, I decided that my turning 21 deserved some pretty pieces that I can use for sophisticated nights out at glamorous bars and interning by day (yes, this is how I visualise my life, post-uni, let me dream). Here's what I'm lusting after.

From the top: Bergen Burgundy Cross Print Blouse, £38; Bernice Chunky Jumper with Stud Shoulder, £25 (SALE); Ella Black Scallop Edge Pinafore, £64; Jakarta Pink Metallic Pleated Knee Length Skirt, £38; Sabrina Pink Blouse with Floral Beaded Collar, £48.
The shirts will look fab under the pinafore, with skirts, or with jeans and I can mix & match the tops with the maxi skirt, too. I love the prints, the embellishments and the cuts of the clothing. Dahlia is super flattering for the more slender, boyish figures amongst the female population, and I can't wait for my birthday and to get my hands on this lovely stuff.


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