19 March 2013

A not-so quick update

Apologies for the long absence. All I can blame is how busy I’ve been, along with the fact I stupidly left my laptop at home, thinking that my iPad was sufficient for all my web browsing desires... whoops! Writing a blog on an iPad keyboard is quite bizarre, I can tell you (I’ve bought a wireless keyboard but when I went to connect it today it was out of charge).

Anyway, I thought I’d take a break away from fashion and fill you all in on what I’ve been up to in the last month or so!

My last post was about how much I was looking forward to getting my hands on the lovely Dahlia stuff, and getting it a few days before my birthday I was absolutely thrilled. The clothing did not disappoint. The only piece I haven’t had chance to wear is the long shimmery pink skirt, but I haven’t been on enough nights out recently to warrant showing it off – and it is way too dressy for library wear.
My 21st was lovely: my parents treated me to a day in London where we went to The Ivy and saw Viva Forever at a nearby theatre afterwards. The Ivy was super lovely; you barely noticed the waiters clearing your things away, and the pink champagne we ordered came in the most beautiful glasses with a really long stem (which went all the way to the bottom off the glass) the bubbles fizzed all the way up. It sounds a bit weird the way I describe it – you’ll have to go and see for yourself to understand. But be warned: you have to order the sides in ADDITION to the mains, AND VAT isn’t included with the menu prices. Ouch!

Birthday cupcakes!
We also had a night out, all dressed as cats. A wonderful theme, if I do say so myself...
I got really ill after my birthday from the stress of my reading week (I had a sudden interview and assessment day in the space of a few days which really took it out of me) which wrote off the rest of the week, but it’s been utterly full on with seminar prep, essays and dissertation stuff. And somehow I’ve managed to spend a crazy amount of money on food stuff and drinks to keep my energy up for long days in the library. It’s all extremely monotonous and tiring, but I’m constantly torn between wanting all the stress over but not wanting to leave York. I know I’ll be an emotional wreck in the last week of university...

Over two days I also managed to get up close and personal with the stars of Made in Chelsea AND see Bastille in Preston - a pretty star-studded few days. Here's some pictures of my soon-to-be husband/s (I'm not picky)

If you ignore the bouncer, it's fine...

So what do the next few weeks have in store for me? Blogs! I will try and blog hopefully every fortnight, because I do enjoy it and it doesn’t take nearly as much time as I think it will. I’m also working part-time at the university again as a Conference host/student porter whilst balancing essays (Late Renaissance and British & Irish Literature if you’re interested) and dissertation writing. Eep!

Oh, and tonight marks me returning to the gym after a hideously long absence. I’m terrified. I can tell it won’t be a heavy one. Between reading week, getting ill, work and my tattoo (did I mention I got a tattoo? Yeah, that happened) I’ve neglected my physical health.

So, as Arnie says: I’ll be back! 5 weeks really is unacceptable. I’ve managed to get over 1000 page views which is amazing, so thank you for reading :)

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