26 August 2013

For crying out loud, stop hating on Miley Cyrus.

This glorious Bank Holiday Monday, I started the day as I usually do, by clicking onto various social networking sites. But instead of feeds being full of how people were going to spend their precious day off, I was met with post-VMA madness, directed specifically at Miley Cyrus.

I've followed Miley's career since the very beginning, thanks to my Peter Pan complex and love for cheesiness in all forms. I watched Hannah Montana. I knew all the words to "Best of Both Worlds". I bought her album "Breakout" on iTunes. I still listen and dance around to "See You Again" and "7 Things".

When she released "Party In The USA" and it became (semi) acceptable to admit to at least finding it catchy, I felt smug in the way fans do.

Hell, I love Miley Cyrus.

The day she cut off her luscious brown locks, I was like "Giiiirl, what have you DONE?!", my reaction similar to when Emma Watson did the same. But hey, I really think Emma works the pixie look, and Miley has kick ass cheekbones and she said it made her feel more true to herself, so who am I to judge?

However, the day she cut off her locks was the day that opinions really started to divide. People seemed to be really pissed that she'd done it, as if in doing so, she was setting a bad example.

Which leads us to the last few months. Miley (previously known as Smiley to close family and friends, doncha know) has admitted to smoking weed because it calms her down. Shock, horror! A child star doing soft-core drugs... oh no - not again! She's already done a half-Britney and cut her hair off... What's to stop her turning into Lindsay Lohan or doing an Amanda and going out in an electric wheelchair with a white blanket over her head?

And the VMAs. After witnessing a myriad of gifs from Buzzfeed articles, I decided to check out this "embarrassing" and "shameful" (shameless?) spectacle for myself on YouTube. To be honest, I was more shocked by the comments than the actual footage.

For anyone who HASN'T been sucked into the Miley-VMA-circle-of-craziness, Miley performs her newest hit "We Can't Stop" in a teddy leotard (which she rips off when she sings "Blurred Lines" with Robin Thicke) and gives the audience an interesting show of grinding and twerking, sticking her tongue out a lot and thrusting with/against a foam finger. It's pretty intense.



The performance is risqué, but the reaction was disgusting. People have deemed her a "whore", someone even saying "I really hope she dies, like, really soon." What the actual hell?!

A common response was "what would her father say... take your daughter home" blah blah blah. People, her father is her MANAGER. I'm pretty darn sure he knew what his daughter was doing. And why was the performance such a surprise anyway? Hasn't anyone SEEN the video to "We Can't Stop"? It's more of the same. The producers of the VMAs knew what they were letting themselves in for. And god knows her dad would have said something. Isn't the whole point of such awards to put on an entertaining show, anyway? Say what you like, but viewers would have at least been entertained...

I don't get what people's problem is. If the girl wants to grind, twerk, cavort in her undies and stick her tongue out suggestively at depressive teddy bears, who cares? We shouldn't be questioning her, but maybe why it bothers US so much. Miley is a display of aggressive feminine sexuality. Are we intimidated by this? Oh please, I do hope this isn't yet another example of patriarchy, telling us that females must be innocent, girly waifs, thus easily controlled and manipulated by all-powerful men. Surely not? Yawn.

Miley Cyrus is 20 years old. She knows what she's doing, and she's above the age of consent. Yes, maybe her actions are more acceptable in the confines of a bedroom, but should her death REALLY be encouraged by people who don't even know her?

And don't even start on the "bad role model" argument. If your daughter/niece/grand daughter/god daughter suddenly starts doing what Miley did on stage in public, maybe, just maybe, it's the parenting which is at fault here. The girl is just having a good time. Men (and woman) pay for worse, for god's sake.

Sure, this isn't a very thorough argument, but I'm just sick of the slut-shaming and abuse Miley is getting. It's her life - she can do whatever the heck she wants. And she's being paid for this... her life could be so much worse. And if I had her bangin' figure and self-confidence, there's no way you could try and stop me twerking in public.

As the girl herself says: "Nobody's perfect, we've all gotta work it..."




13 August 2013

Wishing I'm on the street where you... work

It's no secret that I'm a fan of London. My poor friends, bless 'em, were bored to death with me going on and ON about how I couldn't wait to move there and start my ascent up the career ladder. Working hard, playing hard, drinking copious amounts of exotic cocktails in trendy places, meeting new people, and finally having some disposable income to play with (read: spend on clothes, shoes, bags...) - London, to me, was where I would thrive.

And even though I haven't been playing that hard (because I'm working ridiculously hard, and by the time I get home all I want to do is get into my PJs and not move), I'm still falling hard for London. Who needs a man when you have a city?  London is forever making me smile and coo with glee as I set my eyes on beautiful views, secret malls and quirky pubs. It seems like every week I decide a new area of London is my "new favourite place".

But the place which has stolen my heart is actually good old SE1, also known as the London Bridge/Borough area. And this area just happens to be where I work.

When I first had my interview at The Body Shop, I was blown away by the proximity of The Shard. Little did I know, however, that The Shard is only one of the amazing gems nearby. My hour-long lunch break has given me the chance to start exploring the area, and each time I stumble across something different and equally brilliant.  Whether it's spending a small fortune on a (bloody good brie, roasted red pepper, ham and mayo) baguette at Absolutely Starving, or strolling along the Thames and having a good old gawk at the Gherkin, SE1 is always aesthetically interesting. And I say "interesting", not pleasing, because some things are more bemusing than pretty...

Before I came to work in London, I always fancied myself working in Soho or Oxford Circus, but working where I am just seems so much cooler, not to mention the volume of tourists is significantly less! And who needs the Selfridges Food Market when you have Borough Market right on your doorstep with Brownies to die for?

The only bad thing about the fantastic array of bistros/wine bars/pubs/cafes/street vendors is that my mental list of places to visit is about as long as my arm, and will probably take longer than my internship lasts to get through them (mainly because I couldn't afford to dine at them once a week. Or even bi-monthly). But, hey, they ain't goin' nowhere, even when I do.

Here's a few snaps of views that have taken my fancy so far:
View of The Shard from Guys St. Thomas Gardens
The pretty ceiling at Hays Market
Sushi at Chozen noodles
Having a cheeky wander down the Thames, enjoying the sun
Umbrellas in a courtyard just off Borough Market. How beautiful are these?!

My next post will be clothes-related - promise! I just needed to get some gushing off my chest...
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