18 December 2013

What 2013 has taught me

Hi guys. It's been a while, I know. I've been settling in to life in NW2 and constantly messing things up too quickly, and then taking too long to fix them. It hasn't left much time to sit down and write (which I've actually really missed).

Now, I know that 2013 isn't over yet, but with work wrapping up for the year, and many things coming to an end (it was my line manager's last day before maternity leave today, and loads of lovely temps are finishing up their contracts on Friday) there is a weird sense of finality in the air. Another chapter is ending, and another is beginning.

So with this in mind, I have begun to reflect. Unlike last year, I don't feel too nostalgic. This year's been tricky, with lots of hard lessons to learn, various issues to deal with, and lots of occasions where I've just been looking forward to the future. "Tomorrow's another day" doesn't seem like the nicest mantra to live by (and I've been using this a lot for motivation)... Maybe it's just been a case of unlucky '13 for me, who knows?

Here are the things I've achieved in 2013:

1. Landed a 2:1 in English Literature from the University of York
2. Proven that I am officially the worst at pub golf (with a rather cringey forfeit)
3. Worked at Red Bull Racing
4. Been hired as a PR intern for The Body Shop
5. Moved to London
6. Survived my first Fashion Week
7. Managed to not embarrass myself at the work Christmas party
8. Moved into a flat, paid for with my own money

But all my achievements (excluding number 2) have been down to a lot of hard work. And the bad news is, the hard work doesn't stop.

At university, there was a sense of consistency and stability. Outside of this self-contained bubble, change is an inevitable part of life, and there's no avoiding it. It's a case of adapt or be wiped out, sink or swim, dog eat dog (insert cliché of your choice). There's no time to get comfortable... In fact, there's no time at all! I got home today and realised I was taking really short breaths and had to remind myself that could actually breathe slooooowly. Which makes me sounds a bit bonkers, but as I reminded my colleagues at work today, "All the best people are."

Taking the post back to the actual title ("ABOUT BLOODY TIME!" I hear you say, if you've actually made it this far) here's a non-comprehensive list of what I've learned this year:

1. If you must work hard, play hard too, or you WILL go stir crazy
2. Taking responsibility for your failings is embarrassing, but it's all part of growing as a person
3. Drunk texting is never EVER a good idea. EVER.
4. London is a great place to live, as long as you can tolerate smelly/greasy/rude people every now and then
5. Something that matters now will mean next-to-nothing sooner than you think (and this can be a good thing).
6. Nothing is ever black or white
7. A bad day, week, or even a few weeks, does not mean you have a bad life
8. Sleeping does not qualify as relaxation
9. Everyone is guilty of making a bit of drama to keep things interesting
10. Awkward situations are inevitable
11. Weekends are a gift
12. Pizza fixes everything

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