20 August 2014

The Sick-Bed Edit

Now, you might scoff at this, but I have a fear of getting ill.

Seriously. It's only become a fear in the last four years, originating in my first year of university when I caught "Freshers Flu" and didn't shake it for over 2 months. Basically, I was ill for the whole of my first term, and then for a month again at the end of my first year.

The reasons for the extent of my flu were linked to my circumstances: I developed asthma because the Yorkshire air isn't "fresh" due to the air being trapped between the vales (it sounds ridiculous, doesn't it, but this came straight from the horse's/doctor's mouth), and the walls of my accommodation were infused with asbestos, which I'm pretty sure wasn't entirely contained (they assured us that unless we made holes in the walls, that the asbestos wouldn't escape. Brilliant). Throw in the mix of my first-year food and drink choices, and it was a recipe for disaster.

Four years on, I eat far healthier, and am lucky enough to not live in an asbestos-infested building (!!!) But inevitably, I still get ill. When I started to feel a tickle in my throat on Saturday afternoon, I panicked, and my life went on lockdown. I canceled all plans and devoted my time to the task of Getting Better. And this, my friends, is how I do it:

Fresh veg
Chicken soup

Herbal tea (with or without honey)
Lemsip (ALWAYS with honey, bleurgh)
Fizzy drink (if I have a sore throat)
Berocca/a cheaper alternative

Olbas oil
Covonia (I swear by this stuff)
Vapour Rub

This seems like a pretty hardcore list, right? It's safe to say that I'm at my most high maintenance when I'm ill. From experience, however, I know it's better to have all your bases covered, especially if you're living sans parents and there's no way of asking for tissues the next time they pop to the co op. I've found that unless I devote my time and effort to Getting Better, I just prolong feeling crap. And of course, my sole aim is to stop being ill as quickly as possible. Other people are quite lucky and adopt the "Just Power Through" stance which works for them, but doesn't work for me. Or maybe I'm just a wuss. Probably.

It's not all bad, though. Being sick is probably the only time I get guilt-free "me time", which means I can indulge in as much sleeping, reading and watching TV as I like, and get myself in tiptop condition for facing the real world outside of my house. No more rushing painting my nails before I go to sleep, and baths over showers are always favoured. It also means I can leave my hair unwashed for a few days (something I'd never dream of doing normally) so all those "good oils" the magazines always rave about can do their sweet thing, making my hair Blake Lively-esque when I'm better (I wish).

Is there anything you can't live without when you're ill? A power remedy that I should be aware of? Do you think my extensive Get Better list is barking mad? Let me know (or don't - it's your prerogative).

Get well soon!

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