4 September 2014

13 ways that being broke* changes you

Because the struggle is real...

1. Before: buzzfeed on my phone = lots of lols 

After: NO GIFS. MUST NOT GO OVER MY DATA LIMIT (P.S. Vodafone, I will have my revenge)

2. Before: "After work drinks?" "Hmm I really shouldn't, but yolo" *one hour later, 3 cocktails down* HOW MUCH HAVE I SPENT? I'm going to hell.

After: "Bottle of wine at mine? Is it cool if we split the cost...?"

3. Before: "Seek assistance". Tut, stupid oyster. Lalala, not a care in the world.
After: "Seek assistance". hdgfvducneifbd is it time to top up my travelcard again already? (Also a painful reminder that another week of poverty has passed, and another one will follow. And another)

4. Before: Never again will I subject myself to smart price food. Hello, beautiful, fresh and healthy produce. I might even go organic. Ah go on, treat yourself, Sofie

After: ALL OF THE PASTA/JACKET POTATOES. And besides, egg on toast for dinner three days in a row is perfectly acceptable.

5. Before: Feel peckish. *Go to pret and grab a cheeky bag of popcorn to tide me over before dinner*


6. Before: Browse Topshop "just because". Put some items in "save for later" basket. Just in case. But... It's so pretty. And it has cats/bows on it. IT MUST BE MINE *buys* *feels awesome*

After: Avoid shops and retailer instagrams like the plague. If you ignore it, it's not there. Amirite? 

7. Before: Lunch with friends during a sightseeing day in our beautiful British capital

After: Make pack lunch to save money. Open manky, squashed sandwich as friends tuck into delicious lunch and want to pummel sandwich into head.


After: Freeview is my new best friend.

9. Before: Jeez, I should really watch my portion sizes. And stop eating out so much...

After: "Oooh, you've lost weight!" "Thanks! It's the 'I'm too poor to eat but I'm paying a fortune for monthly gym membership (bloody 6 month contract) so I'm at gym classes every night' diet

10. Before: "Y'know, as soon as we start earning good money in a few years, we can start saving for a mortgage. Isn't that crazy?"

After: *fills lonely, empty purse up with poor-person tears*

11. Before: "Let me buy you a drink", "No, let ME buy you a drink", "Rounds?" "Sure!"

After: "Let me buy you a drink", "Are you sure?" "Yes..." "OH MY GOD YES PLEASE I LOVE YOU"

12. Before: Everything is meh

After: Why is everything so beautiful/Why does everything look so delicious/Why can't I have that/If you don't want it, I'll have it

13. Before: Wine just gets me.

After: Water is really underrated. And important, y'know? For hydration. Yeah.


It's a cruel life.

*the title was originally "13 ways that being poor changes you", but I changed this due to being told that my circumstances don't make me "poor", they make me "broke", which is a more temporary circumstance

Images: WeHeartIt

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