21 September 2014

22 signs that you're becoming old before your time

It's a slippery slope...

1. Your food vocabulary shifts to things like cous cous, avocado, salad, herbal tea, hummus and rice cakes

2. You have your TV schedule planned to a T. Saturday and Sunday: X Factor and/or Strictly, Wednesday: The Great British Bake Off, Thursday: Educating *insert location here*. Etc etc.

3. Property programmes take over your life, and you chortle along with the presenters. "Oh Kevin, stop being so negative, you little rascal." "YOU ARE SO RIGHT, SARAH" "I totally agree Kirsty, that wall needs to go".

4. Missing the above due to social commitments annoys you more than it should.

5. The only pink drinks that appeal to you on a weeknight are alcohol-free, decaf and contain cranberry, raspberry or strawberry. And are hot.

6. You're snuggled up in bed by 10am latest, ready to do your half an hour reading to wind down before getting your full 8 hours.

7. You'd rather spend your money on dinner, because you know two drinks are the equivalent of a meal. It's just practical, right? 

8. You become inclined towards masochism, opting for a thorough, sweaty workout on the weekend rather than having a lie in because you want your day to be "productive".

9. "So, squat challenge next month, anyone?"

10. Going to the gym makes you a smug twat. "Where have you been?" "Oh, just a casual pump/spin/yoga class. I see you're still in your pjs. How... Relaxed"

11. A night out fuelled with alcohol, sweat and optimum grinding opportunities sounds about as appealing as having your nails peeled off.

12. You can't remember the last time you tried to flirt for a free drink.

13.  Seeing people swig vodka gives you a maternal twinge as you think, "oh dear, your poor liver!"

14. The idea of a cheese and wine night often gets your more excited than a greased up Jamie Dornan (okay, that's a lie).

15. Wearing tight clothes makes you feel overdressed and also - when did that bulge happen? That's super attractive.

16. City breaks with culture and wellbeing activities fill your daydreams rather than drunken lads-on-tour Kavos antics.

17. "What happens in Kavos" and the like fill you with rage because WHY ARE THE PARENTS SO SOFT WITH THEM.

18. The idea of saving becomes quite appealing.

19. Mid afternoon naps are the best thing ever.

20. Comfy flats triumph over leg-lengthening, towering heels. Because maybe the risk of twisting your ankle just isn't worth it.

21. You find yourself saying to colleagues a year younger than you, "Oh, you young'uns!" And begin sentences with, "Back in my day..."

22. Your "comfy clothes" slowly become your regular clothes.

Now, where are my slippers?

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  1. Oh my goodness, this is me, I hate it when something interrupts me watching the Apprentice every wednesday haha love this post and also I've just stumbled across your blog and I just want to say, I love it, it's so refreshing to read a blog that isn't bombarded with beauty related products (which I do love) because they all tend to get "samey", yours is so unique and a joy to read :)


    1. Ahhh thanks so much! My blog will hopefully never be "samey" and please feel free to comment and let me know if it starts to become so!


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