25 October 2014

19 Things You Learn Working In The Media

19 things you just need to know before you commit...

1. Getting up in the morning can be hard to do

2. "The only way is up" is a myth

3. Caffeine becomes a necessity, not a choice

4. This is your reaction when someone asks "You're being paid for this, right?"

5. When you don't mess up, no one praises you. Ahem, where's my gold star for effort?

6. You're bound to meet people who make you feel like sh- ... a loser

7. It's easy to feel like you're losing your mind

8. And sometimes, you do

9. You make some unexpected  (but wonderful) friendships

10. Every day is an existentialist crisis

11. By Monday afternoon you're often in need of a stiff drink (or two)

12. You forget what it is to have a good night's sleep

13. You go through some pretty rough patches 

14. Being the new one in the office SUCKS

15. Networking is everything

16. This represents the stability of your job

17. You get to go to some pretty cool events

18. When you catch a break, it's the best thing EVER

19. Quite frankly, you can't imagine working in any other industry

For reals!

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