19 October 2014

Redefining my blog

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Now, this will only be a quickie (ooer) because it's a bit of a self-indulgent post that could easily stray into cringey territory. So I'll try and make it to the point - and you know how much I have the tendency to waffle.

Last weekend I attended About Time Magazine's Saturday Editorial Sessions, which was, in a nutshell, SO MUCH FUN. It was held in the most dreamy, #lifegoals flat in Farringdon, with a kitten mascot, iced coffee and pizza/cous cous a-plenty. Not to mention the best hosts, Angelica (Jelly) and Rebecca (Bex). Whilst I can't go into the details of what we worked on for editorial, I can say it's for a new project which will launch early next month, and that I've volunteered to help plan the launch partaaay. So when it all goes down, I'll let you know.

Towards the end of the day, after we'd discussed, fed back, written articles and fed back AGAIN, the ABT team did an editorial Q&A for us eager beaver writers so we could find out abit more about them - I.e. What they do, how they got there, etc.

The one thing that really stuck with me was the advice they gave on writing your blog. They said it needs a USP (unique selling point). It needs to have a reason for being, and that reason needs to be consistent, so that your readers know your intent.

So that got me thinking - what the heck was my blog's USP? 

I had to do a minor bit of soul-searching before it struck me, and when it did, I just knew. Warning: the next bit could get a bit cringe.

I write to make sense of the world. I write because sometimes my life can be confusing and overwhelming, and writing things down makes situations and problems seem a bit better. Often things I write on my blog, I won't necessarily talk to my friends or family about, but it doesn't make them any less important. In fact, sometimes it makes them more important, because I feel the need to put it down in writing. Essentially, I am writing the weight off my shoulders. And, incidentally, this is my new blog tagline - replacing the ever vague "I talk about my life, and other things."

This tagline might not make a great USP... I'm no marketing whizz, after all. But it does encapsulate my blog, and my reason for writing. If anyone ever reads a post and thinks "why on earth is she writing about that? Why should I care?" The answer is: you don't have to care. There's nothing keeping you from staying on the page. My writing is just my way of getting through life, one situation at a time. It's cathartic. And if people can empathise and it makes them feel better too, well that's just the cherry on top.

So, that's me, and that's my blog. Thanks for reading!   

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  1. That must have been a fantastic "Of Course!" moment. Fair play. I just found you on Bloglovin' and I really enjoy your style of writing. You keep writing for you and i'll keep reading and relating. x

    1. Hi Julia! It was a real "eureka!" moment but it's still so hard when I see people doing things which are so highly followed. Sometimes I think maybe I should be doing what they're doing, but I know it wouldn't stick. Aw, that's so wonderful to hear you can relate! I'll keep writing, don't you worry x


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