16 December 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like broke-mas


The one thing that actually makes me feel quite sad this year is that I'm not buying anyone Christmas presents.
This isn't because I'm a humbug, by the way - it's because I don't technically have money even for food (panic), so it's not financially viable. I'm now at the stage where I LOVE buying other people presents, although admittedly my buying presents technique is to buy things that I'd like to receive and hope friends and family feel the same...

In fact, Christmas is a tricky business when you're broke. With numerous events and parties, plus the numerous "Get party-ready" emails, it's nearly impossible not to get Christmas-induced FOMO. It was gutting this year to not have a work 'do to attend, and let's not mention Winter Wonderland (£5 per ride and overpriced food and drink, anyone?). I was, however, lucky enough to go ice-skating for free thanks to a friend who works at Canary Wharf.

This won't be a Pinterest-worthy thrifty crafting post, don't worry (I can't "craft" to save my life, and my textiles teacher gave up on me after I asked her how to thread a sewing machine for the fifteenth time). But I do believe you can still enjoy Christmas without forking out a load of money for the sparkliest Miss Selfridge offerings and buying all the Pret Christmas sandwiches.

1. Back-to-back Christmas movies
Get the kettle on, grab your cosiest slippers and fluffiest blanket, and enjoy all your favourite Christmas movies. The Grinch, Love Actually, The Holiday... Indulge. And bask in how cosy and warm you feel. No having to wait around for your Uber in a barely-there shawl and painful heels, for you!


2. Binge on BOGOF mince pies
I'm so pleased the time has come around once again where it's acceptable (in my opinion, encouraged) to binge on mince pies. I say binge, because there is currently a BOGOF offer on mince pies in Tesco (go go go!) which means you could have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Y'know, if you wanted to...


3. Supermarket mulled wine
Rather than splurging £5 or so on a glass of mulled wine at a bar, split the cost of supermarket mulled wine with a friend or housemate and get festive. Feel free to combine all of the above for optimum Christmas spirit. I also have a strong belief that mulled wine wards off the dreaded winter cold, so it's in your best interest to drink it.

4. Decorate the Christmas tree
Pull on your tackiest Christmas jumper, and maybe some Rudolph anters - decorating the Christmas tree is serious business. Relish the inevitable untangling the lights session (how do they always get so tangled? HOW?) and unleash your inner Kirsty Allsop as your make your tree the best tree EVER. And Instagram it when it's done, obvs.


5. Christmas songs
Because waking up and dragging yourself out of bed is never so painful as when it's dark and cold. Christmas songs will always perk you up. My current favourite is "Merry Christmas Everyone" by Shakin' Stevens.

6. Christmas markets 
Keep your credit card at home to avoid temptation and prepare yourself by bundling up with lots of layers. Oh, and I recommend going early or on a weekday. Christmas markets are always a visual and sensual delight, and the closest you'll get to Santa's Grotto (or what I imagine Santa's Grotto would look/smell like) without visiting Lapland.


7. Christmas Specials
Nope, not the food kind. I'm talking about the TV kind (have you gathered I'm a bit of a TV fiend, yet?). I've already had the delight today of watching last year's Kirsty and Phil's Perfect Christmas, and will catch up on the feature length Black Mirror special tomorrow (because I'm seeing The Nutcracker tonight, exciting!). I swear TV is at its best this time of year because everyone wants to be inside, warm and entertained.


8. Spend time with family and friends
This has been rather low on the ground for me this month, due to not being able to enjoy the spectacle that London puts on. But this weekend we're having people over for lots of the above, with Christmas jumpers and merriment a-plenty. And next Tuesday I'll be going home for a few days to have some down time with my family and cat, and that doesn't cost a THING (not including the train tickets, but I wasn't prepared to hitchhike and y'know, risk my life).



  1. Some great ideas! I'm definitely not financially ready for Christmas haha. I wish we had Christmas markets here in Australia! X

    Angela | The Sunday Chapter

    1. Hi Angela,

      I had no idea Australia didn't have Christmas markets - what a tragedy! You'll definitely have to visit England (or Germany, where we stole the idea from) and experience them :)

      Sofie x


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