3 January 2015

My "Super 8" blog reads

Truth be told, I had planned to blog about what was happening in my life this month: the (seemingly eternal) job search, my hopes for 2015, etc.

However, things are currently in limbo (a nice way of saying all over the place). With this in mind, I didn't want to insult my readers by writing something that - for want of a better word - was "bitty" and without substance. I'll update y'all later.
Instead, I thought I'd list my favourite blogs; the blogs that whenever I spy an update on Bloglovin, I simply HAVE to read.
Although I technically fall under the "lifestyle blogger" category (or #lblogger, for all you twitter fiends), my beauty background means I have a weakness for beauty blogs. It's worth noting, however, that I follow a variety of different blogs. Here are my favourites: 

The Ultimate Beauty Blog: That Grace Girl

Product reviews are all well and good - there are a few beauty bloggers I follow who tend to get the newest collections before anyone else and offer their initial impressions - but it can quickly get very samey. I love Grace's blog because it's clear that although she's a beauty PR fave, there are particular products that appear in her posts over and over again, which gives her recommendations a heck of a lot more klout (in my opinion). She isn't featuring them to appease PRs. Also, her posts are varied and genuinely interesting. I always look forward to what she has to say! 

The Vlog I Actually Watch: Essie Button
Yes, yes, I know vlogging is the future, but it's not my thing - I'd rather read product reviews and suggestions in my own time! The only exception I make is for Estée, who is down-right hilarious and honest. She's a beauty blogger at heart, but there's a real lifestyle element in her vlogs, too - she participates in seasonal vlogger trends such a "vlogmas" (vlogging every day during December and Christmas, duh). She's the kind of girl you'd want as your best friend, keeping things real and as sassy as they come.

The Best Photography in the Land Blog: Gh0stparties
I don't know how Kate does it, but her photography is so on point. Everything looks so painfully beautiful. She can even make a drugstore makeup remover look classy and covetable. It's dangerous. Kate is also in the process of decorating her apartment and has the most amazing taste in interiors. So her blog is kind of like a Pinterest board. It almost makes me wish I could afford a decent camera for blog photos. It's also an art, arranging objects in such an aesthically pleasing way. Teach me, Kate?

The "I Want To Be Her" Blog: The Londoner

Oh, Rosie. The clothes, the hair, the restaurants, the exotic travels! I've already asked her to start up own travel company so she can give aspiring "Londoners" an imitation tour of Bali (her adventures looked incredible). Everything in her life seems perfect - she has the right coat for every occasion! And thanks to her, Bob Bob Ricard is on my "must-visit restaurants in London" list. Her dog, Custard, often features in her posts and very nearly steals the show. He's a celebrity in his own right!

The "Can I Live In Your Wardrobe, Please?" Blog: What Olivia Did

I've been fortunate enough to briefly meet Liv in the flesh, and I can confirm she's as lovely as she is beautiful! So not fair. WOD is actually the very first blog I stumbled upon, so I have her to thank for my growing obsession! Her style is girly and whimsical and she has those Charlotte Olympia cat flats. The blog is also great for cookery and city guides, most recently Amsterdam and New York. Her taste is wonderful, bringing together elements of 50s, 60s and even the 70s, and giving it a modern twist. If I couldn't live in Blair Waldorf's wardrobe, I'd happily settle for Liv's.

The Little Bit of Everything Blog: A Little Opulent

It might sound a lame to call this blog the best "all rounder", but I truly mean it as a compliment! Split into Beauty, Lifestyle, Home & Interiors, Art & Design and Culture & Entertainment, there's a post to suit every mood. With lots of lovely online magazines popping up, competition is getting fierce, but ALO is way ahead of the game, with engaging and beautiful content daily. Grace from That Grace Girl contributes, as well as Jennifer from Jenny Purr, so you know the writing is going to be good. Oh, and the illustrations are nothing short of stunning (even Sali Hughes has raved about them).

The New Discovery Blog: Jenny Purr

I'm so happy to have discovered this blog. Jen, co-founder of A Little Opulent, heads up this  lifestyle blog, focusing on inspiration and motivation for aspiring/working creatives (wow, that's a mouthful). She's living the dream as a freelancer, so it's really useful for me looking back and catching up on her journey. I really recommend this blog if you have writer's block - whether you're struggling with a university essay or a piece you've been commissioned to write. Or even if you fancy a little life perspective. 

The Aspirational Blog: Hannah Gale

Of course Hannah's blog had to feature! Ever since I read and laughed along with her viral "Things All Londoners Know To Be True" blog back in March, I was hooked. Without wanting to sound gushy, Hannah's blog is the kind of blog I'd love mine to be. In fact, even if my blog became a tenth as brilliant as hers, I'd be chuffed. She's unashamedly honest about everything, from her career to her love of cats (Rudey is adorable!). I also empathise with her struggles with anxiety and depression which she documents sincerely and tactfully. Her lists resonate with everyone, and I don't think she realises how fabulous she is!
So there it is - my "super 8"! I could go on forever, as there is so much blogging talent out there. I'm so pleased blogging seems finally be starting to be taken seriously by more than just PRs.
Does anyone follow these blogs, or have any recommendations?


  1. Thank you for including me in such wonderful company! xx

  2. I agree with most of those! Actually, so much that I love all of them except for three.. that I didn't know before. Definitely checking them tonight at home!

    1. So glad I've introduced you to some new blogs! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do x


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