24 February 2015

Dress envy at MIMI Tran with The Body Shop

Cards on the table - I had wanted to make this post a quirky, fashion week, "behind-the-scenes" exposé.

21 February 2015

A few of my favourite things...

1. Taylor Swift in Style 2. My Nikon DSLR 3. Failure is success in progress 4. Birthday snaps

18 February 2015

BB Bakery Bus Tour

It was my birthday yesterday, and I definitely do NOT want to dwell on what 23 means to me, or look back over 22. Read my blog posts and you'll get the gist (spoiler: it was naff).

14 February 2015


Question: What do you get when you bring together fashion bloggers, their wardrobe overflow, and a bunch of excitable followers?

11 February 2015

Muse of London

I'll never understand people who dread going to the hairdressers.

9 February 2015

I'm living the perfectionist's nightmare

Before I start, I apologise if I sound like a spoilt brat in this post...

4 February 2015

The review: Soften the Grey

Image: 6 Foot Stories

If you fancy a weeknight with a difference, look no further than production company 6 Foot Stories.

2 February 2015

The life and times of a temp

Image: WeHeartIt

As it reaches the end of the week, you get a sinking feeling.
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