7 February 2015

12 weird things you did as a student

It was the best of times, it was the weirdest of times...

Looking back through photos of my student days (2010-2013, you were definitely somethin'), I realised being a student means you do some weird things.

1. Become a chanting hooligan
Maybe you were part of a college. Failing that, maybe you were part of a sports team. Failing THAT, I'm sure at some point you went out with a group of people linked by some sort of shared interest, consumed a disgusting amount of alcohol, and sung obscene chants. If there was a rivalry with another group of people, you would sing it at your opponent, like some sort of - don't mess with us, we're super hard - threat. But sometimes you'd just sing/wail this chant along the streets of *insert university town* with an unwavering sense of pride, for no reason other than you COULD, okay?

2. Write over each other in different coloured sharpies - the ruder the message/symbols, the better
Ask anyone who attended university and they'll assure you that writing over each other's t-shirts/bodies was the ultimate ice-breaker. The less visible the colour of the t-shirt, the more popular/hilarious/more willing to share your embarrassing stories with your peers you were. Remember that time you confessed to liking a particular sex position? Well, now does the whole world, thanks to the scribbles on your t-shirt! Oh, and there was always a dick symbol or boobs drawn on. Obviously.

3. Drink disgusting alcohol and justify it with drinking games
Admittedly, lots of people did this before university - but disgusting alcohol mixed with numerous drinking games really defined the university experience for me. In fact, it's scarred me so much that I can't actually drink shots of j├Ągerbombs or smell tequila because my instant reaction is to retch. After all, why enjoy alcohol when it's so much more fun to mix it until it's an ominous red/orange and gets you blind drunk SO MUCH QUICKER? Another round of "I have never", anyone?

4. Go to seminars/lectures hungover
I think the only reason we did this is because we only had 4 lectures and seminars COMBINED per week (yay for BAs!), so it would have been a massive waste of money to miss them. Even if all we did was grip tightly to the side of our seats to stop the room spinning and cradle our bottle of water as if it was a matter of life or death from Sambuca-induced dehydration. Did we contribute anything? Nope. Did we learn anything? Only that trying to concentrate whilst our brain was the size of a pea was nigh-on impossible.

5. Go to seminars/lectures/supermarket in pjs. Without a bra
Because at least we were there, right? And when you need pizza ASAP, time waits for no change of clothes. Also, bras are a symbol of the patriarchy trying to control and contain our bodies... Or something.

6. Walk back from the club alone... Heels in hand
Let's not consider how UNSAFE this was (and yes, I'm a strong believer in women being able to walk anywhere, at anytime, and feel safe), but also very painful. In fact, the pain was only numbed by the last residue of alcohol in your system which was pushing you towards the warmth of your bed. Taxis were always "too expensive" (because back then, £6 was 6 shots) and it was just so LIBERATING and oooh, look at the stars, and, you know who I haven't spoken to in a while? Let's give them a call. At 3am. They'll really like that.

7. Be too poor to buy healthy food but jump at the chance of 20% off at Topshop
Jeans over jacket potatoes anyday. Am I right?

8. Go to the gym, then go on a night out (and vice versa)
Let's not pretend that you thought your body was a temple if before/after a heavy gym sesh you had an even HEAVIER night out. But y'know, whatever you had to do to make peace with yourself.

9. Spend equal (if not more) money on post-club food than you did on cheap vodka/wine and wonder why you feel so disgusting the next day
What was your kryptonite? Mine was cheesy chips, but pizza if I was feeling EXTRA spendy. Waking up the next day, I'd survey the damage of supermarket-brand vodka, cheap-ass wine, and greasy food, and be so full of self-loathing that the only way to feel clean again was brushing my teeth twice and staying in the shower until every pore in my body was steamed out. And then order a nice pizza from Dominoes.

10. Be in the library 10am-7pm. Work in the library for 18% of the time... Gossip/get water/take a break in the canteen 72% of the time
"Guys, I'm SO DEDICATED to my work. I'm basically a flexi 9-5er but I'm unpaid (sob). How much work have I done? Oh, y'know, 1000 words, which is less than 100 words per hour but it's PROGRESS. I need to blow off some steam. Night out, anyone?"

11. Consider fancy dress a higher priority than, well, everything
Love it or loathe it, fancy dress was central to university life. Anyone who wanted to look *nice* on a night out was a loser who took themselves too seriously. Plus, wasn't it all the much funnier if a friend got lucky dressed as a leopard?

12. Moan about university life
Your lecturer was out to get you. That overly zealous person in your seminar was getting on your last nerve because HOW could they know so much about a text they had less than a week to read when you got most of your insight from Sparknotes? You had nothing to wear. Where had your favourite skirt gone? Why was the kitchen floor grey and... crunchy? URGH, nights out were so samey and you couldn't get away from ANYONE. You miss home cooked food. You miss your cat. WHY WAS LIFE SO HARD?

But don't you miss it?



  1. You missed food fights you'd never have in your parents house an staying up til 4am watching boxsets then moaning about reading lists... Oh and 'reading week' the chance to visit another friends uni and mong out at home doing no work.

  2. Sofie-Eliza Price7 February 2015 at 11:22

    Maybe I'll do a part 2 ;)

  3. Apparently Ashley8 February 2015 at 18:05

    Yes, yes and YES! I miss college, but I don't think my liver misses it that much. :p

  4. Sofie-Eliza Price8 February 2015 at 20:53

    Ha, tell me about it!


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