24 February 2015

Dress envy at MIMI Tran with The Body Shop

Cards on the table - I had wanted to make this post a quirky, fashion week, "behind-the-scenes" exposé.

I wanted to unleash my inner fashion journo and be hard-hitting and make people be like woah, these are some quality fashion observations or even what an interesting take on the idiosyncratic LFW experience.

What I didn't want is for people to click on this expecting the above, to then think oh, it's just another *blah* fashion week post.

The thing with fashion week is that you're either part of it, literally - from designing, modelling, photography, journalism, blogging, FROW-ing; or in spirit - desperately refreshing your Instagram feed and stalking Kendall Jenner's whereabouts. And to some people it's of no interest whatsoever, and fashion week is boring and spams up their newsfeed. It's just clothes that only 1% of the population can afford and/or completely unwearable, right?
Well, I disagree. My experience of the spectacle that is fashion week has always been positive and incredibly interesting, from the people I've met behind the scenes, to simply people-watching and admiring the creativity and styling that goes into some truly amazing outfits.

This LFW, I was invited to Fashion Scout with The Body Shop (the official make up sponsor) and was over the moon to be sat in the front row for MIMI Tran. I hadn't seen any of her work before, but had heard that her designs were very pretty and feminine - right up my street!
Mimi's AW15 collection did not disappoint...Oh my gosh! Think sequins, lace and delicate 3d flower embellishments. Think slinky, sexy and elegant. The palette was often bold blacks, blues, and reds, but sometimes a mixture of all three. And let's not forget the shoes, which were high, strappy and downright fab-u-loud. Sigh. I sat next to Danielle and we just kept turning to each other being like ohmygosh, I LOVE that. It was pretty darn magical, and I'm so pleased I saw the show.

Oh, and I have a definite girl crush on MIMI herself - she was such a babe. She strutted out after the show smiling, waving and blowing kisses at the audience (including me!) and was dressed in a black bodycon dress, the highest platforms you've ever seen, and flawless makeup with tumbling, bouncy waves. 

With this in mind, I'm afraid the clothes speak for themselves and there will no hard-hitting expose from me, simply because during the show all I could utter was "wow" and "this is so pretty!" which I understand is completely cliché and very uninspiring. Sorry!

I know what you're thinking - show us the clothes already! Well... here you are (with a smattering of celebs for good measure)

And the woman of the hour...
Beauty-wise, the inspiration behind the look was female elegance: a lil bit of 20s flair combined with the modern woman.
And here's what was used, all from The Body Shop:

Cheeks: All-In-One™ Cheek Colour 05 Bubblegum, Lightening Touch Universal
Radiance (to highlight) and Brow& Liner Kit 01 & 02 (to contour)
Eyes: Colour Crush™ Eyeshadow 110 Sand By Me, Eye Definer 01 Black (inner eye), Liquid Eyeliner 01 Black, Define & Lengthen Mascara 01 Black,  Brow & Liner Kit 03 and Brow &Lash Gel
Lips: Colour Crush™ Shine 12 Poppy The Question


  1. The dresses are very cute! I'm not the most fashion knowledgeable person, but I like to see the outfits the attendants put together, and the collections. Even if it's stuff I would never wear myself!

  2. Sofie-Eliza Price1 March 2015 at 09:28

    Exactly! It's more about the creativity and ideas than the snobbery that people associate fashion with.


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