11 February 2015

Muse of London

I'll never understand people who dread going to the hairdressers.

I'm just gonna get real wit u and say the reason you have a bad experience at the hairdressers is a) Your hairdresser is rubbish. Move on. Or b) you're not assertive and/or descriptive enough with what you want - so speak up! It's your hair, after all.

You should always feel fierce post hair appointment!

Also, it's a rule of mine that I'll never leave the hairdressers until I'm happy with my hair. My reason being that you're PAYING to leave feeling happy (and maybe even transformed). If you leave feeling crap, you might as well have thrown that money down the washing basin. And you know me; I'm not one to waste money.

With this in mind, when I was invited to experience Muse of London's new service U & Me*, I jumped at the chance.

The service prides itself in being very personal, with a consultation at the beginning with creative director Jason to figure out the kind of colour you're after (with an iPad in tow for visual reference), followed by a shampoo tailored to your hair type, then a restorative cut and blow dry. One month later, you're invited back into the salon for a check up in the form of a tweak or a blow dry. 

My worries about getting lost en route to the salon turned out to be unfounded - it's hard to miss! Adorned with TIGI logos, matchstick people and offers all across the windows, Muse stands out against the usual shops and restaurants along Mortimer Street.

Upon my arrival I discovered that due to some travel hiccups, my service wasn't going to be with Jason, which I thought was a massive shame... until I was introduced to who was going to do my colour: Mark. Mark was an absolute pleasure to spend time with. I find it's always a bit awkward at first establishing common ground with a new hairdresser, but we soon got talking about the perils of London life, where was best for cheap drinks (G-A-Y Sunday through to Thursday, if you're curious: £1.70 for a mixer!) and cooing over Rosie Thomas's hair. A Glaswegain turned Hackney-dweller who absolutely adores Lady Gaga is exactly the kind of person I like primping my hair.

I decided to go a bit warmer with my blonde, having been seduced by the likes of Blair Waldorf in my Gossip Girl marathons over the last few weeks. So Mark applied dye onto large strips of my hair.

Before - very blonde, quite shapeless. Definitely in need of a jhoozsh (technical term)
Me at my most attractive, non?

My hair was washed and conditioned - as you'd expect! The bad blogger I am, I can't quite remember the shampoo and conditioner combo used, although what I can remember is that it was smoothing and nourishing, as well as retaining colour and treating split ends. With that in mind, it may have resembled the TIGI Catwalk Oatmeal & Honey Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner. I asked the girl washing my hair to be quite thorough, because I still believe in the old wive's tale that massaging your hair follicles encourages growth... 

After the first shampoo, toner was applied through the lengths of my hair and left for 10 minutes or so. I passed the time slurping on my hot chocolate and enjoying the anticipation of how my hair would look. Is it just me who gets a bit excited? Like, the colour is HAPPENING, PEOPLE.

A touch of caffeine (or my personal preference: hot chocolate) whilst you're waiting for the dye to work its magic

The toner was washed off and followed by the only painful part of my experience: brushing out the back-combed hair with a tangle-teaser. But it's inevitable when you do anything that involves ombré - the alternative being a *nice* (read: ugly) line-cum-sh*t-halo separating your natural hair colour and the dye! Nothing good worth having comes easy, beauty is pain. Choose your mantra. 

Next up was the cut. I'd discussed this with Mark, and he'd handily communicated this with Carly, my stylist. It's worth pointing out that even though my service wasn't consistent stylist-wise, the transitions between each person were seamless. I wasn't worried about being handed over from person to person and trusted both Mark and Carly.

As my hair was essentially one length with a layer through it (see my "before", above), we decided to add a bit more shape, trimming in layers for more movement, and making the front around my face a bit shorter. But NOT, as Carly reassured me, really feathered a la Rachel from Friends. Too nineties! Only a little was taken from the ends - just enough to get rid of damage and split ends - making it shorter and feel fresher. Carly spritzed some TIGI S-Factor Papaya Leave-In Moisture Spray on the lengths and ends to add some hydration post hair-coloring (dyeing = drying).

Then, the blowdry. Carly suggested something with volume and a slight curl, which suited me fine! When she was finished I had that classic "Because I'm worth it" moment, and couldn't stop shaking my hair around, inspecting just how shiny and fabulous it looked. It must have looked a bit weird, but who cares? She added the finishing touch by smoothing some TIGI S-Factor Silky Smooth Moisture Serum with Sunflower Seed Extract on the ends, et voila! All done.

After. Can my hair look like this all the time, please?

Mark came over once it was finished to check how I felt about the colour (I loved it) and then I rounded up the troops for a little (albeit awkward) photo.

Can you tell posing for photos isn't our forté?

I had a lovely experience at Muse, and would highly recommend the U & Me service. The staff are warm and welcoming, and the coffee machine is highly recommended. The salon itself is central, so it's convenient for city types, and is available for fast root touch-ups and on the day bookings if you have a last minute special occasion like a date or business dinner. Or, if you just fancy treating yourself (which I heartily encourage)!

For more information on Muse, including the root bar and the U & Me service, click here.

*My U & Me service was complimentary - however, my thoughts and opinions are honest.


  1. I've been going to Muse since I first moved to London, when it was called Lisa Shepherd. Carly did my hair for years but she's got too good and out of my budget now (lol) so I've defected to Ashley, the fella with the 'fro. But yeah, totally love them, great salon and excellent review, sista!

  2. Sofie-Eliza Price11 February 2015 at 12:02

    Aw thanks, missy! What a small world we live in. I didn't see Ashley - I feel like I've missed out!

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