18 March 2015

Em says something: Everything's coming up LVNDR!

Em Sheldon has a lot to be proud of - her blog, her tan, her travels...

But perhaps even more amazing - if possible - is her jewellery business, lvndr. At only 21 years of age, Em is not only a successful blogger, but also an entrepreneur. And an award-winning one at that, having recently won the Sir Peter Thompson Enterprise Award in 2014 (okay, so 2014 is kinda far away now, but whatever, Trevor).

When I came across lvndr, it was lust at first sight. The collection consists of lovely, dainty pieces which you can mix and match, layer on or keep simple and wear alone. All tastes are catered for, whether you're a golden girl or sweet in silver, and they've even got a few rose-gold pieces too for the gals who like their gold with a hint of pink. 

Each piece seems to have been carefully chosen based on current trends, and the whole collection is young, fun and modern. Dreamy, right?

Em is incredibly driven, and along with her brother, has created a jewellery business which should definitely be on every 20-something girl's radar if it isn't already. She's a blog and exercise queen (serious abs envy) all whilst managing a business and making her Instagram followers green with envy at her exotic travels. So with all this in mind, naturally I was super keen to get to the nitty-gritty of life as Ms Em Sheldon.

How did lvndr come about? 

I have always wanted to be able to wear pretty accessories but they are always so expensive so I decided to just launch my own brand selling what girls want for a nice price! I decided on the name LVNDR because I love all things fresh, unique, pretty and vibrant. I also know that when it comes to accessories, for example I have a watch and a ring that I wear every day but apart from that I like to mix my accessories up depending on time of the year and outfit choice, so it’s nice to actually be able to afford to mix up accessories!

What part do you play in lvndr, along with your brother?

Me and my brother are partners in LVNDR and work together on different roles such as photography, marketing, research, web design and more! It’s great that LVNDR is a family run business. 

What inspires the designs?

Anything fresh, happy, bright and obviously seasonal things such as Summer and Spring. We also do lots of brand research to see what our favourite celebrities are wearing for example. I am forever making fun, energetic mood boards which I feel convey the LVNDR brand, whether that’s a lilac sunset, some lavender flowers in a  mason jar or a gorgeous wool friendship bracelet, I try to put everything together when it comes to choosing designs.

Starfish Ring

Everything is so reasonably priced (very refreshing!). Was keeping the price down an important factor for you as a student when you started the company?

Completely, I absolutely adore accessories but they can cost more than the clothes themselves sometimes, I don’t think that’s right - it’s fair enough to pay a lot of money for a leather handbag or some designer heels but when it comes to fun bracelets and stackable midi rings, I think it’s nice to just be able to change them up on a daily basis! Also, as a student myself I know how expensive life can be.  

You won the Sir Peter Thomas Enterprise Award in 2014 - congrats! How has this helped lvndr?

It was really great to win, life changing in fact! We are still developing things (to be launching soon) which the award has helped with so do keep an eye out this Summer, things are pretty top secret at the moment but we are extremely excited!

You essentially run two business - your blog and lvndr - how do you juggle the two and make time for yourself?

I find it extremely hard and to be honest, I wouldn’t say I make that much time for myself, I put a lot of hours in but I am very passionate so I am willing to do that! Blogging alone is full time and very demanding but it’s great fun too! I don’t mind working hard and juggling two of my biggest passions!

Rose Quartz Pendant Necklace

What's your advice to people wanting to break into the accessories industry?

Do your research, come up with a niche and be passionate! It’s a fast paced, ever-changing, fun industry!

What's been the hardest part about starting up your own company?

The initial 'actually starting it up' and clicking launch was the hardest! To turn an idea into an actual fully functioning business is difficult and once you’ve got through all the logistics and clicked ‘launch’ I’d say that’s when you can really breathe and start going! We just did it one day, it was all such a whirlwind but I can see why it can take a long time to even get to that point! You’ve just got to be confident and go for it.

What are your plans for lvndr in the future? 

We are launching some very exciting new ranges and have a great new team who are working with us too - all will be revealed in the next few months but we are pretty excited about the future for LVNDR.

Cupid Bracelet

What's your favourite piece from lvndr at the moment?

The adorable unicorn necklace! It’s the sweetest piece ever, it’s my lucky charm.

You are travelling *a lot* at the moment #tanenvy - what's been the highlight? 

I would have to say Mexico, what an unbelievably perfect country with so much to do! Next stop? I’d like to shoot some LVNDR in Bali!
To shop all thing lvndr, click here.

To check out Em's blog, visit EmTalks.

All images are courtesy of emshelx on Instagram.


  1. Very interesting read, Sofie! As always. I love accesories and want to build up a collection, so definitely will take a look at LVNDR. :)

  2. Sofie-Eliza Price1 April 2015 at 12:07

    Thanks Carla! I'm awful with accessorising, but these pieces seem great for mixing and matching.

  3. This was a great interview, it was nice to learn some new things about LVNDR as I love their pieces! And Em is such a talented lady, definitely an inspiration! Thank you, this is a great post!
    Heather Xx

  4. Sofie-Eliza Price13 April 2015 at 14:24

    Hi Heather! Thanks so much :) I'm glad you enjoyed it.


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