29 April 2015

Working at The Vogue Festival

In case you're somehow not aware (I say "somehow" because I've plastered it everywhere - from my LinkedIn, to Facebook, to Twitter...), I've been interning at a little title known as Vogue. My internship just so happened to coincide with The Vogue Festival, so I offered up my services and helped out for the weekend. Here's what went down...

25 April 2015

Katie says something: Embrace the beauty evolution

Katie Service is Assistant Beauty Editor at The Sunday Times Style -  the fashion, beauty and lifestyle supplement which just happens to be my favourite supplement *ever*. I used to devour it every week as a teen, and it's a love that hasn't faded over time (unlike my love for streaky highlights and a side fringe, thank goodness).

22 April 2015

Jonathan Saunders Sample Sale at The Hoxton

First things first - my friend and I were desperately in need of brunch. This might sound ridiculous, but I strongly believe that there's something in hollandaise sauce which cures any negativity from the week.

18 April 2015

When will I stop making other people's successes into my failures?

We compare ourselves to others on social media every day. We see an old school acquaintance having a jolly old time and we think dammit, why aren't I having a jolly good time? My life sucks. Etc etc.

15 April 2015

Getting legs "summer-ready" (eep)

I detest the idea of getting "summer-ready". After all, there's never any pressure to get spring, autumn or winter-ready.

11 April 2015

Sofie in "Wanderland" with Hermès

If you go down to the Saatchi Gallery today, you're in for a wander-ful surprise. Hermès Paris is currently occupying the top floor of the gallery with an exhibition for the aspiring flâneur.

8 April 2015

Fragrances which scream "HELLO, SPRING"

As I write this, it's grey outside and a lil bit chilly. Nonetheless, word on the street is that SPRING HAS SPRUNG, and what better way to get in the mood than indulge in a spring-time fragrance (or three)?

4 April 2015

Why is mental health still so stigmatised at UK universities?

As many of you know, mental health is a subject close to my heart. So when I was contacted by The Priory Group with some rather alarming information regarding the perception of mental illness at universities in the UK, to say it saddened me is an understatement.

1 April 2015

The Moveable Feast

Last Monday, I went along to the launch of The Moveable Feast. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to a new era of vegetarian cuisine...
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