15 April 2015

Getting legs "summer-ready" (eep)

I detest the idea of getting "summer-ready". After all, there's never any pressure to get spring, autumn or winter-ready.

But as soon as the sun's out and people start talking about festivals, BBQs, holidays and the like, everywhere you look there are adverts telling you to immediately look like you haven't spent the last 6 months in jeans and generally neglecting the condition of your body. It's enough to bring me out in a nervous sweat.

I'm going to tell you now - my legs aren't the prettiest sight. They're pasty, pimply and dry, with patches that have *just* missed the bleery morning swipe of my razor. When they don't have to be on show, they aren't a priority.

So how do you get your legs from dry to dazzling? From blotchy to bronzed? Here are my 8 picks, taking you from shower to (hopefully, a girl can dream) sunshine.

L-R (top): 
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Step 1: Exfoliate
Take your fave shower gel and apply to a loofah, rather than your bog standard shower lily or whatever you use. Exfoliate in circular motions to gently slough off dry skin, paying particular attention to your knees, your heels, etc. If your skin is particularly pesky, you can follow-up with a scrub (the Soap & Glory one smells divine, and contains hydrating shea butter and almond oil. Yum). If you suffer from ingrown hairs, I'd suggest starting an exfoliating routine well in advance to tackle the blighters.

Step 2: De-fuzz
I wish I was brave enough to epilate, patient enough to wax, or wealthy enough to Veet. Alas, alack. Instead, this summer I'll be sticking to my trusty shaving cream*-razor combo. The Malin + Goetz shaving cream is super gentle, so no itchy shaving rash. I plan to forgo the nasty disposable razors (please tell me I'm not the only one who uses these more than once?) and treat my pins to a Gilette Venus. The sugarberry one promises a close, smooth shave thanks to its 5 blades, so even the stubborn hairs will be vanquished *cue evil laugh*, and I'm intrigued to what the heck a sugarberry smells like...

*if you're on a budget, just use conditioner. 

Step 3: Moisturise
This goes without saying. I know that all these miracle shower creams, scrubs and razors swear by their moisturising ingredients, but it just feels good giving your legs a lil TLC and even a bit of a massage to get the circulation going (great to counter-act blotchiness). My luxe pick is Kiehls Creme De Corps, but there's a load of high-street moisturisers out there which will do the trick.

Step 4: Fake Tan
3 years of no hot holidays (seriously) means my legs are less porcelain and more pasty. I've never been one to apply fake tan religiously, but this year I'd like to slap a bit of colour on my legs to make them look healthier. Fake tan can hide a multitude of sins, including bruises (where do they come from? WHERE?) but you need to prep your legs properly beforehand. There is nothing worse than streaky tan, guys. Apply L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Mousse with a mitt (Primark and Soltan do cheap ones) et voila, instant golden goodness.
**Alternative step 4: keen to catch some rays? I'm loving Hawaiian Tropic's offerings because they smell tropical (duh) and there are so many varieties to suit different skin concerns. People, please use SPF 15 or above (I'll be using SPF 30, FYI) because I've checked and red legs will not be en vogue for summer 2015. Or any summer, for that matter.**

Step 5: Shimmer
The same way you don't want your foundation to make your face look flat (I hope), you don't want your legs to look like you're wearing matte tights (possibly). And that, my friends, is where The Body Shop's shimmering dry oil comes in. It's the lightweight and non-greasy answer to sun-kissed skin with a shimmery (but NOT glittery) glow. Tip: it can also be used alone if you're weary of fake tan because it's tinted, and comes in two shades - golden honey (light) and honey kiss (a bit darker).

Do you have any summer-ready essentials to get your legs in tip top condition?

**DISCLAIMER: even with all these suggestions, I'm afraid I cannot promise that your legs will resemble Kendall Jenner's afterwards. It's a sad fact of life.**

Header image source: WeHeartIt
Product image source: collage by me on Polyvore

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