30 May 2015

PhotoLondon at Somerset House

Rather than trying to second-guess London's weather antics (seriously, what's going on?), my friend and I decided to play it safe last weekend and take shelter at PhotoLondon at Somerset House.

27 May 2015

The Trading House, and the ale equivalent of "slutty rosé"

You know an evening is going to go quite well when you're picked up by a horse and carriage, and greeted with a cooling raspberry bellini. It's a truth universally acknowledged, right? 

23 May 2015

Event etiquette (i.e. how to not act like a dick)

Last night when I was at an event and feeling tipsy on a cocktail of bellinis, mojitos and ale (as in, a cocktail of cocktails PLUS ale, bleurgh), I had a thought - dangerous - that it would be good to do a little etiquette guide slash what not to do at events. Y'know, just in case anyone was interested.

20 May 2015

Normal service will resume on 23rd May

Apologies for the radio silence - just needed a wee break.

I'll be back on Saturday, but until then...


13 May 2015

What a night out is like for me, aged 23

"Have fun, and make sure you enjoy yourself", was a text from my adorable younger brother that I received last week. It took reading it to realise that I couldn't actually remember the last time I did either of those things - have fun or enjoy myself. It made me feel pretty crap, to be honest.

9 May 2015

Loving you is Red

If anyone got that Taylor Swift reference, you're awesome (#swiftiesunite). If you didn't, that's cool - just know that love is red and red is love, and that's why this post is in existence.

6 May 2015

"Nautical Chic" at Beyond Retro, Kingsland Road

Ahoy! I don't know if many of you have heard about Beyond Retro's newest store on Kingsland Road, but if you're a fan of vintage and retro wares, it's not to be missed. Firstly, it's HUGE. And secondly, it has a stage that hosts talks like the one I attended a few weeks ago, called "Nautical Chic".

2 May 2015

Getting Radical, and how my dreamboard is myself on A3

I went to a Radical skincare event the other week with the greatest intention to document it in detail... but life had other ideas. Instead, I arrived late (not realising there was a presentation at the start, and having come straight from work) and ended up trying to channel my inner ninja in an attempt to enter the room unnoticed.
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