2 May 2015

Getting Radical, and how my dreamboard is myself on A3

I went to a Radical skincare event the other week with the greatest intention to document it in detail... but life had other ideas. Instead, I arrived late (not realising there was a presentation at the start, and having come straight from work) and ended up trying to channel my inner ninja in an attempt to enter the room unnoticed.

The event was half launch, half art and craft session - the latter had me itching to reach for the scissors and glue as soon as I could. But first, the presentation. Focus, Sofie, focus.

From where I picked up, the presentation was one of those "here's why we're so great, look at these before and after pictures" affairs. But the befores and afters were pretty spectacular, so much so that the images had me craning my neck and squinting from the back of the room (yep, I'd forgotten my glasses*) for a better look.

*Turns out I hadn't forgotten them, they were in the depths of my bag, but I just didn't have the patience to rustle around and be generally loud and annoying. My life.

Add to the fact Radical sisters Rachel and Liz were super passionate, peppy and totally real (in an all-American way, and incidentally handling their jetlag like pros), and the fact I'd never tried Radical products before, I was eager to get my hands on the *newly launched* Hand & Nail Multi-Repair (thick but fast absorbing) and Firming Body Multi-Repair (okay, so I put it on my arms, but it smelled good).

Oh, and things got significantly better when a nice waiter provided me with a cocktail after a whispered conversation which went along the lines of: "What would you like to drink?" (him); "Anything with vodka" (me).

My vodka-infused beverage, and Rachel and Liz, who legit look like that (and they are 47/51 respectively!)

After we'd tried the products, Rachel and Liz introduced us to Neil Thornton, who had basically come to a Radical event following a similar format to ours (presentation, testing products, motivational speech, vision board) and been so moved by it that he packed in his highly-paid job and started afresh to follow his dreams.

In every picture his eyes were closed. Sorry, Neil!

Now, I know I'm not doing this justice, but if you know me, you know I'm a sucker for all things motivational, encouraging self-improvement and positivity. I was in my element. By this point I was eyeing up the magazines so tantalisingly stacked in the centre of the table, ready to be ravaged by people like I'M FINDING MY DREAMS, TRY AND STOP ME.

The new Hand & Nail Multi-Repair to get your hands on (see what I did there?)

Speech over, and tears wiped away (Liz got emotional talking about the Radical cause to not only make a difference to the skincare world, but to make a difference to our individual, busy lives when we forget our potential), it was on to the vision board. Or as I prefer to call it, my dreamboard.

We were informed of the following ways to write out or envision our dreams and goals:
  • Make them no more than 3 of 4 sentences, and keep them in the present tense (it sounds more positive, confident and definite).
  • Be specific with numbers and dates, even if they scare you - it gives you something to aim for.
  • Consider the key factors that are driving you - are you motivated by money? travel? family and friends? something else?
  • It's all about the law of attraction; when something is written, definite and put out into the world, there's a greater chance of it happening.
  • Look at the list or board you've created every single day to drive you and remember what you're working towards.

My dreamboard in all its glory

Yes, that is a #INSTABABE you can see, because who on earth wouldn't want to be an instant babe in their wildest dreams, huh?

My dreams, according to the board, are flowers, perfumes, a snazzy car, exotic getaways, glamorous accessories, and a boyfriend who is cool/hot/a proud feminist like JG-L. I want Glamour (with a capital G) in my life, and I don't want this to stop people seeing me as smart. Because it shouldn't, right ladies? And obviously my health and "self" are very important to me, so they've gotta be there.

Perhaps most importantly, at the forefront of my mind will be "Hey, it's OK...". And if it's not, I'll just grab the cherry bakewell, bottle of wine and cat (all featured) and go cry with all my beautiful accessories... in Italy.

It will please the gals at Radical to know that I look at my dreamboard EVERY DAY. And I will be trying out the lovely products gifted to me over the coming weeks and report back. Plus, the PR company who looks after Radical also look after nail polish brand Only Fingers And Toes (OFAT), and they gave me a purpley-pinky shade (Osaka, if anyone's wondering) which I'm super keen to get on my nails.

Aren't they pretty?

Oh, and you know how I said I wanted to be really good and take notes and that kind of failed? Well, I did make note of perhaps the most important thing said by the girls, and something we should all live by, because it's awesome and empowering:

"Believe in the unbelievable to make the impossible possible."

See? I told you it's gold.

My Radical products - all primed and ready for action


  1. I'd love to go to presentations like this, but I'm always late to the show haha :) looks like you had a wonderful time nevertheless! x


  2. Sofie-Eliza Price9 May 2015 at 16:52

    I was chuffed to be invited to this by the PR company who represents Radical. It was great :)


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