3 June 2015

Spectrum Collections & the Glam Clam

There's no getting around it - we live in a shallow world. Pretty people, and things, are superior to their less attractive counterparts. It might not be fair, but boy, is it true. And there's nothing more exciting than coming across something truly "oooh, so pretty!". Enter, Spectrum Collections.

I was invited by Spectrum to the launch of their new Atlantis Collection. The collection comprises of 10 brushes, which you can either purchase individually or together, where they're housed in the cutest case I've ever laid my eyes upon... because it's shaped like a clam. LIKE A CLAM. It's quite fitting, then, that it's called the Glam Clam.

The Atlantis Collection's Glam Clam, in all its glory

The event was a design spectacle. It was mermaid themed, so all the colours coordinated with the brush collection, with pink, purple and green pastel hues everywhere. It was a dream.

I started with a drop of prosecco, because I just had just come from work and I wanted to make the most of it, what with the alleged shortage and everything.

A big shoutout to the bartenders who set this up for me!

Armed with prosecco, I took a little look around. It didn't disappoint, what with *these* beauties on offer, courtesy of the talented ladies at The Unhampered Girls.

It was all very Ariel meets The Powerpuff Girls and I loved it. My favourite was the clam macaron, complete with a pearl.

We enjoyed old skool tunes from DJ Snoochie Shy (part of Confetti Crowd, who's motto is #staysassy, which I love), who's hair was totally on point and mermaid-esque. By this point I was starting to feel awfully conservative in my all black ensemble and plain brown hair...

And fashion illustrator Kris Keys was on hand, painting personalised portraits for guests. Her work is beautiful. More on her another time - so keep your eyes peeled!

But enough of the chit-chat... what you really want to see are the beautiful brushes, right?

Okay okay, but before you indulge in make-up brush heaven, you should know that Spectrum Collection's brushes are vegan, cruelty-free and hand-finished, which means the quality is top-notch. As well as being friendly to the bunnies (yay), they are also friendly on the purse strings, with the cheapest brushes giving you change from a fiver.

And without further ado... the brushes (and the cute-as-a-button-case).

After nibbling on my final under-the-sea themed cookie, I reluctantly dragged myself away.

The biscuit crumbs look like sand. Genius.

It seems to me like make-up brushes are finally having their moment. Before, all the focus was on the make up, but now people are discovering the power of make-up brushes in creating a flawless finish, and they want in. But, shallow as ever, we want our brushes to be as pretty as our make up. 

"Pretty" is exactly what Spectrum's "Atlantis" Collection offers - pretty, but with a conscience. Their brushes are as bright and beautiful as their consumer, who, FYI, should be all of you. Because these brushes rock, and make you feel like a mermaid to boot. And who wouldn't want that?

Spectrum Collection's "Atlantis Collection", featuring the Glam Clam, can be found here.

*A huge thank you to Spectrum Collections who invited me on behalf of my work and my blog :)

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