17 June 2015

Nailing summer shades

I'll be the first to admit I have a love-hate relationship with nail polish. Mainly because whenever I paint my nails myself, there's a 98% chance it will smudge. And also because once a nail chips, I pick at it and have to start afresh. But the shades? I've got them down.

Today marks sixteen days before I go on holiday which means two things.
1. I have just under two weeks to accept I will not look like Gigi Hadid on the beach, so
2. I might as well concentrate on the aspects I do have control on, such as nail colour.

It's personal preference whether you wear the colours on your fingernails or toenails, or mix and match, or whatever. Personally, I prefer to wear muted or dark colours on my fingers, and louder, brighter colours on my toes.

Here are my top 5 shades...

1. The Loud Pink - Butter London Nail Lacquer in Primrose Hill Picnic

It's loud and proud, and it's currently on sale - go, go, go! But seriously, I love Butter polishes because the colour doesn't go dull after a few days and they have great longevity. It's a very girl power wearing this shade, without being twee. I'll probably put this on my toes at the beginning of my holiday when I'm still white and pasty.
RRP £12.00 @butterlondon

2. The Lilac-Grey - Intensae Nail Lacquer in Kid*

I find that pale shades look better on shorter nails, and also when you've got a bit of a tan. However, this shade is more white than nude, so you don't have to worry about your nails morphing into your fingers (not a good look). Once I have some colour a few days in, this will be the shade I'll reach for. Along with Revolution below, Kid is a new addition to the brand's lineup, which prides itself on formulas free from formaldehyde, toulene, DBP, camphor and formaldehyde resin.

3. The Pretty Purple - Jacava London Nail Polish in Holbein Place (similar here)

The thing that drew me to Jacava was the groovy lid - not gonna lie - because it had something Louboutin-esque after it, but after wearing this shade for a week I became fond of the polish itself. It's a good comprise between the two above and is the prettiest dressing table accessory. It also looks great without a tan, so will be perfect for the first few days when I'm werkin the Casper look.
RRP £14.50 @JacavaOfficial

4. The Orangey-Red - Intensae Nail Lacquer in Revolution*

This is my favourite shade of the bunch, simply because I can't get enough of an orangey-red, whether on my lips or on my nails. It's universally flattering for every skintone, and isn't as harsh as a blue-toned red on paler skins. It ticks all my boxes. It's such a lovely shade that it may convince me to break my brights-on-toes-only rule. Watch out, Turkey...

5. The Peachy-Orange - Dolce & Gabbana Nail Lacquer in 117 Peachy

The luxe pick, I feel very glamorous and not at all like I'm living-la-vida-intern when I paint on this shade. The peachy hue tones it down a little, but it's at the same time it's also screaming "pick me! pick me!" for your summer holidays. It's looks like sunsets and all the Sex On The Beaches I'm going to be drinking, and that's surely reason enough for it to make my top 5, no?
RRP £20.00 @dolcegabbana

Do you have any favourite nail shades/brands I need to know about pre-holiday? Tell me! Sharing is, after all, caring.

*These items have been gifted to me - thank you James! - but all opinions are my own.

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