1 July 2015

Snazzy holiday essentials

I'm going on holiday SO SO SOON (Friday) and I have to say, I've never been more excited to leave the country. And I've never felt like I've deserved a hot, relaxing holiday more than I do right now. Hasta la vista, England!

I've split my essentials into 4 sections because breaking things up into manageable chunks is the way forward, and you could even have wee tea break or er, a wee, in between. Thank me later. Here's what I'll be packing (but isn't all I'll be packing, otherwise I'll be giving everyone at the airport the shock of their lives).

The Bikini

The cozzie is an absolute holiday staple; get that wrong, and you're doomed from the outset. I knew I needed a new bikini, but I also knew I didn't have much money. However, I didn't want to compromise on quality. Don't get me wrong, I've totally bought the Primarni bikini with pineapples all over it, but it doesn't look too hot on me. I wanted something that would make me feel confident and draw attention away from my pastiness.

I also find shopping for bikinis an absolute MINEFIELD. I'm "petite" on top, but I've got a hella junk in my trunk. Not many places do bikini separates, and the places that do are £££ (I'm looking at YOU, Sweaty Betty). Add to the fact that "less is more" seems to be the bikini trend at the moment, I was starting to lose the will to live/shop.

That is, UNTIL I saw a tweet from Boux Avenue that their swimwear was on sale. And then everything seemed to slot into place. For £18 each, I got this little number and a navy/white breton bikini in a similar style. Plus, I had it delivered to store to save on pennies. I mean, I don't look like Behati Prinsloo in it but it's sooo pretty and this one has frills on it. YES. Get me to the beach.

Day time essentials

For the first time ever, the idea of going bare-faced on holiday makes my palms sweaty and my heart rate speed up faster because OMG, my skin has never been this bad. Spots seem to pop up from nowhere, and are either little red buggers or whiteheads and my pores are huge. Ergo, NO ONE SHOULD SEE ME BARE-FACED.

Sun equals sweat, and sweat equals blocked pores, which equals spots. With this in mind, I'm going to use an oil-free lotion on my face (factor 30 because I don't want sunburn or premature wrinkles, thanks) and try to brave a few layers of BB cream. I feel like I'm safe in the hands of La Roche Posay, fingers crossed.

I'll be playing the distraction game via my eyes, so I'll apply lashes of Lash Locked, a water-resistant mascara from Ciate for volume, length and curl. I'll keep my lips a lovely peachy hue with Soap & Glory's new Gloss Stick in Technicoral because a super flattering shade and everyone needs one (when it's released, oops), fact.

I'm a bit worried about my hair in the sizzling heat, so before I set out I plan to spritz a hefty amount of Paul Mitchell's Ultimate Colour Repair because it a) smells like holidays, 2) offers heat protection and sun protection, and 3) has a hint of shimmer, and who doesn't want their hair to be shiny and shimmery?

Finally, I'm hoping the ingredients in Trilogy's Hydrating Mist Toner will chill my skin out and stop it from getting irritated throughout the day. It contains rose to tone, geranium to refresh, lavender to balance and aloe vera to cool. Hopefully a winning cocktail to accompany the many cocktails I plan to consume...

Evening essentials

I want to keep my make up low-maintenance but also very glam... so you can't really go wrong with the triple threat that is Christian Dior, Tom Ford and Burberry. Drool.

Funnily enough, the Dior 5 Colour Eyeshadow Palette in Ambre Nuit features on my dreamboard, and having used it a lot, I can attest to its dreaminess. I tend to be quite boring and stick to the 2 pale brown shades on the right, but in the evenings before I go out I'll definitely have a play around and see if I can blag an understated smokey eye. Oooer.

The Burberry Lip & Cheek Bloom in Rose is unlike anything I've ever used before. It creates a sheer flush and seems to melt into the skin like butter. The only qualm I have with it is that you need a lot if you're after a deeper colour, but it's nice that it's buildable and you don't have to worry about looking like a clown. And of course the packaging is on point.

Oh boy, the Tom Ford Eye and Cheek Compact is so divine I could weep. If you ever manage to get your hands on it (it's limited edition and selling out fast), please promise me you'll swatch it! The cheek shades on the right have a hint of gold on them, which is perfect to complement your holiday glow, and the eye shades on the left are all kinds of beautiful, especially the gold. The gold is what beauty dreams are made of.

Last, but not least

These babies have changed my life for the better. I just knew coconut oil was what was missing in my life, and I was right. Neal's Yard Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is really hydrating, and when it melts into an oil as I moisturise it in, I give my legs a little massage. I highly recommend. I imagine this will be soothing and a great way to replenish moisture after a day in the drying chlorine/salt water etc.

When I was younger my mum scared me off epilators, telling me it's unbearably painful, even more so than wax. And since waxing was expensive, and I didn't have the patience to wait until my hair was "wax ready"; and Veet didn't leave my legs feeling smoother for longer like it promised, I've been shaving for the last 12 years of my life.

But, tired of having to shave my legs every other day (thanks to my Greek-Cypriot genes), I decided to invest in an epilator and I love it. I only find it especially painful if the hair is long. However, if it's 2 day old growth, it feels prickly but not unbearable. I've been using it to just above my knee and it's great. I'm so happy I bit the bullet and bought this.

So there we go - my holiday essentials! Let me know if I'm missing something crucial and/or you have some life-changing suggestions. 

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