8 July 2015

Toilets, coffee & Penny-Farthings

Due to an office move last week, I had an unexpected day off. To my delight, the sun was shining, the birds were tweeting, and outside was calling my name. I made the most of the agreeable weather and prepared for the heat.

After an appointment in Islington and a spot of lunch at Shoreditch Park, I hitched a ride (i.e. bus-ed and tube-d my way) to Oxford Circus to pick up a few items. Afterwards, I made the holy pilgrimage to The Attendant, a coffee shop with a difference that you may remember me mentioning a few posts back.

"Good things happen over great coffee"

The outside does not disappoint. Just look at it! I loved the elaborate iron railings, with the entrance framed by little trees. I loved the branding, and I loved the little sign outside. It was a great start. It also happened to have a very dandy man perching next to it as a reminder that we weren't, in fact, in Shoreditch, but upmarket Mayfair.

And so, I descended...

I was told that the above gap in the wall would have been where the toilet attendant served visitors. The kiosk is now home to some beautiful, fragrant lillies. 

Ironically, a hot cup of coffee was not what the doctor ordered on such a muggy day, so I chose the iced mocha, and took a few snaps whilst I was waiting.

The fact the toilet has been transformed into a coffee shop is quite outstanding. The renovation is very sympathetic to its past, which is really lovely, when you think about it. The buyers could have easily stripped the space of everything toilet related, but instead they've lovingly restored it into an eccentric, practical hideaway. There's no other way to describe it than very, very cool.

Speaking of cool, the shop is air-conditioned - bliss - and my iced mocha was gone within minutes.

And here was the view from my perch...

If you're ever in the area, it's worth a visit for the cool-factor alone, and would be a fantastic, if bizarre, conversation starter. "So you'll never guess where I visited today..." or, "How do you feel about a toilet coffee shop?" Priceless.

Afterwards, I took a stroll - it was far too warm to do my usual dash 'n' dodge - to Berkeley Square to bask in the joy of being a lady of leisure, if only for the day.

Eyes to the sky

As soon as I sat down on a bench, however, I noticed a small congregation in the middle of the square, next to some bikes. It was only when I squinted that I noticed that the bikes were not bikes, but penny-farthings. It seemed like people were offering passers-by (for a price) a chance to give them a go.

It was quite funny, watching them. It's not really something you see every day!

Simply brilliant.

In typical British fashion, the sun suddenly decided it'd had enough, and a light chill set in. I took that as my cue to leave, making sure I didn't crash into any penny-farthing riders as I left...


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  1. We HAVE to go to WC in Clapham. It's a Wine and Charcuterie in an old WC, simialr vibe here but much darker- deep greens and browns. Really gorgeous!


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