22 August 2015


Hi guys - it's been a while. Lots has been going on this month. I fell into a blogging funk and I didn't know how to snap out of it. I didn't know what to write or when to write  or if I even had anything to write about... It sucked. So, what have I been up to in my month's hiatus?

Olu Deniz, Turkey

Sun, cocktails and all-you-can-eat glorious-ness. If it wasn't for the hideous heat rash three quarters of my family endured, I'd say TAKE ME BACK. Everything was great, but the heat rash sucked and rendered me in the shade for nearly a week. I probably ate my bodyweight in pancakes and mini treats and it took me a few days to wean myself off elevensies in the form of pina coladas. 

Oh, and the stairs. We had to walk up 184 stairs to our villa and the villa's pool in the 40 degree heat *insert laugh/cry emoji* which meant by the end of the holiday I was at  peak fitness. Every cloud has a silver lining, I guess.


My first weekend of work required a trip to Salcombe, Devon. We stayed on South Sands beach at the South Sands Hotel which was absolutely stunning. On the first night we went to Captain Flint's, otherwise known as the best pizza in Salcombe. I fell in love with the pretty town and all the bunting. It couldn't have been more British if it tried.

Incredibly, the weather held out for us and we were #blessed with sunshine. I made the most of the rays and general beach loveliness.


Bits 'n' bobs

Clockwise: 'Pretty Little Liars' and Ben & Jerry's; Aussie coffee at Ben's Canteen; 'Notting Hill' at Luna Cinema, Kensington  Palace; Skincare consultation at L'Oreal HQ, Hammersmith

Anyone who's spoken to me in the last month knows that I'm obsessed with 'Pretty Little Liars' more than is probably healthy, but I know I'm not alone. Last week for the big reveAl, the hashtag #fAcetoface was trending WORLDWIDE. It was crazy, but also awesome.

Ben's Canteen do something called Aussie Coffee, which is essentially iced coffee which a scoop of vanilla ice cream and Nesquik powder sprinkled on top. I wish the first time I tried it hadn't been a colleague's leaving meal, but still - so good. They have branches in Earlsfield & Clapham, and do an awesome brunch, too.

This is my third summer in London, and I hadn't experienced an outdoor cinema. It's a mean feat since there are about a gazillion different cinema companies here. I did Luna Cinema to see Notting Hill and it was fab. A bit chilly, but such a great atmosphere.

Plus, I won a skincare consultation at L'Oreal HQ with their brands Vichy and La Roche-Posay which was awesome. My skin was tested by a snazzy little gadget for hydration, skin type & pore size, and then from that I recommended products and designed a regime.

Clockwise: Thorpe Park; Stealth from the queue; my dream house in Notting Hill; Brunch at 'Egg Break'

Last weekend was brilliant, too. I went to Thorpe Park for a friend's birthday and it reminded me how much I love theme parks. The following day I took my friend out to brunch at 'Egg Break', newly opened restaurant by the guys behind Soho House. Afterwards we had a wander around Notting Hill and wished we were residents.

** And that's it, I guess. You're up to date with my manic month. It's been a month of new starts, catch-ups, celebrations, finding my feet... and a lot of TV. Because of course. **

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