10 October 2015

Dirty Bones, High St. Kensington

I really wanted to name this post something like "Getting dirty at..." or "Down 'n' dirty at..." but then I realised that actually I didn't want my post to sound like a weird food romp, so I kept it simple and to the point. And that's my amazingly interesting title back-story for you all.

The branch I had the joy of attending with Scarlett is located near Kensington High Street, and has since developed into a mini chain with a second branch in the ever-popular Kingly Court. So whether you find yourself South West or Central, Dirty Bones is there to satisfy your dirty (culinary) needs.

As with many a London hot-spot, you enter the restaurant via a flight of stairs, which then opens out into a retro, decked-out bar space. We initially panicked a bit because eep, bad lighting... But I kind of feel my red-tinged photos make the whole experience seem a little more gritty so I'm going to embrace the vibe.

The irony of the P-L-A-Y lights is that I'm not sure you're allowed to stand up on the chairs and grab hungry hippos as you sip on your drinks and/or wait for your table to be ready. But this irony may be misplaced because we didn't actually ask. If anyone visits before I return can you please let me know? Also HELLO Jenga. What a game.

The drinks menu is good - a reassuring mix of cocktails, specials, shots and non-alcoholic beverages if you're that way inclined. We, however, went for the alcoholic option, and chose some brilliantly strong mojitos. I definitely recommend them - they're a classic, and the rum goes down pretty well mid-week.

After 10 minutes or so we were taken a few steps down into a bigger restaurant area which was a little brighter than the bar. Whereas the bar is a safe, dim option for a first date (maybe), the brighter area is a bit more brave/more suited to when you've had a few drinks. Obviously my date looked gorgeous in both lights but y'know, I'm just giving some friendly advice to you lovely people out there.

The mojitos

I was really clever (not) and put my drink immediately on top of the menu, and got it wet. Good one, Sofie.

But then I took a picture of it anyway to commiserate my "d'oh" moment. Woops!

The menu is straight forward and no fuss, which suited me down to the ground. There's a few starters; mains split into meat on the bone, burgers, and dogs; and sides. We opted for the chicken wings glazed in lemon, topped with chilli and spring onion, and charred padron peppers with a lemon glaze to start. I really rated the chicken wings - the meat fell off the bone and picking the chilli off meant I got just the right amount of heat (I can't handle spice). I wasn't 100% on the peppers, however, because I'm not the biggest green pepper fan, but the glaze was lovely.

Scarlett and I kept it pretty restrained with the mains. We both opted for naked (ooer) dogs - I went for the Brit Dog, and swapped the gerkins for spring onion, whilst Scarlett went for the Classic Dog. We both got skinny fries as a side.

They went down very well - our only criticism was that the spring onion was crying to be cooked, but it was served al dente. I say if you're going to call the establishment "Dirty", get those onions caramelised and demolish any goodness in them. Yum. Otherwise it was a delicious meal, and the fries were perfect - the perfect amount of seasoning and crunch.

The dog is watching you

And then it was time for dessert. Scarlett, having allergies to diary and eggs, meant she couldn't order anything for herself. So it was down to me to take one for the team and give a dessert a whirl. Oh, well if I must... I popped to the ladies and told Scarlett to surprise me, and soon after I returned I was greeted with a cookie with a glass of "milk" (frozen milk ice cream) with a little straw sticking out. Super cute!

It was so delicious. The cookie was warm and fell apart and the chocolate chips were a little gooey... I could go for it again right now. The ice cream was a really fun idea, but because the cookie was so soft I couldn't really dunk it, so I made a bit of a mess trying to scoop it on top. And I failed a little bit because I couldn't manage all the ice cream after the starter and the main.

Having completely lost track of time due to our non-stop chatter (Scarlett is such a lovely person to talk to, FYI), we polished off what remained of our (second) mojito and resurfaced to the quiet of High Street Kensington.

We had a fantastic time at Dirty Bones and I'll definitely be back. I'm keen to visit the Carnaby branch and sample their brunch. In fact, I'm keen to sample everything,

*Our visit to Dirty Bones was complimentary, but all opinions expressed are my own.

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