31 March 2016

A new place in Brixton with glittery pineapples

I do love myself a launch party. I love a launch party even more when said launch is full and buzzing by 7pm and there is a faux bus with tables and chairs, with glittery fruit on top.

Last week I was invited to Brixton for a new Barrio opening. It's just down from the infamous Blue's Kitchen and around the corner from The Prince of Wales, so it's already in good company. With its relaxed Mexican vibe, it also offers something a little different to the neighbourhood - which I think is a very good thing.

Admittedly, it was a little crazy when we first entered. The place was jam-packed, even though I double (triple) checked the invite for a start time of 7. We arrived at 7:15 and got one of the last few tables - which we ended up sharing (our sharers were lovely, though!) and you could tell the staff were a little panicked by the scale of people coming in.

Our welcome cocktails, unfortunately, weren't to our taste. But they looked pretty, which is half the fun.

After supping mine, I sorry-not-sorry left my plus one to take some snaps of the venue.

A few blog posts ago I was at Barrio Soho, painting a tile for the new Brixton branch. Rather hilariously, neither of ours were featured on the wall *crying/laughing emoji* which begs the question: what the heck they did they do with ours?! Grind them down? Keep them in the staff room to laugh at them? Throw them in the bin?? R.I.P. tiles...

The ones that made it. Ahem.

We ordered some more cocktails after getting some recommendations from a member of staff - fruity & sweet, because that is how basic we are - and were rewarded with these...

My friend ordered the "Wake Me Up Before You Man-Go-Go", and I went for the "Kumquatameleon" - both delicious, and I highly recommend them.

And then it was just a waiting game for the food... which we were absolutely ravenous for.

Luckily, we were in good company, and had a long ol' chinwag with our new table friends (FRIENDS, TABLE FRIENDS).

When it arrived, it arrived in droves. It was a glorious moment.

Tequenos, filled with melted cheese and spring onions, with a deliciously tangy but sweet chipotle chilli jam...

With a portion of Ceviche - which actually didn't blow me away - but my friend loved it. It might have been something to do with the dressing, which was an Aji Amarillo Milk. And nope, I have no idea what it was, but it was a bit too tart for me.

Followed by the absolute standout dish: Lima Lickin' Chicken and sweet potato fries. Oh mumma - that CHICKEN. It came with a phenomenal chilli and popcorn dip, and the chips came with a tasty alioli. Dips are the best. But that chicken - if/when you go, order the chicken. You won't regret it.

And then came our nachos - which we'd ordered in a moment of panic because we thought our food would never arrive. 

An absolute *must* for all you avo fans - but for someone like me who really struggles to like the stuff unless it's guacamole and doused in everything to make it taste extremely unlike avocado, there wasn't enough cheese or salsa. The actual nachos were really good though. 

And so, at a very untimely hour for a schoolnight, we decided to make a move and leave our Mexican sanctuary - a haven for punny cocktails, epic tiles (not ours though, not bitter at all) and that chicken, which I'm still dreaming about, and desperate to experience again. That's right - I'm calling some fancy mexican chicken goujons with alioli dip an experience. Sue me. 

If you ever find yourself in Brixton and keen to have some delicious food and cocktails to start your night, I recommend this place. I mean, you can't miss it (the exterior is yellow), and it's perfectly situated between some Brixton legends and conveniently, the tube. Go, go, go! and let me know once you try the chicken.

Find out more about Barrio here.

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