9 May 2016

Macrame Masterclass with Wool and the Gang

You always hear about cool classes in London, don't you? Recently I've been struggling with my anxiety, so I jumped at the opportunity to do some arts and crafts, and take my mind off, well, my mind.

The macramé necklace masterclass was held at The Alice House in Queen's Park, a place I've blogged about before (their brunch is all kinds of amazing) - it's a restaurant/bar with a really fun, quirky but comfortable interior, with an impressive drinks menu... which is always a promising start.

This was Wool and the Gang's first masterclass, bringing their love of knitting and crafting offline to curious Londoners like myself.

They believe that the act of knitting can make you happy, even having a "Make Yourself Happy" initiative on their website with the following statistics from customer feedback, which I personally find quite interesting (and hopefully you will too):

68% said it has helped them combat stress and anxiety
48% said it's their favourite way to relax
34% of you said knitting has helped you feel more confident

Which is really lovely, right?

I don't want to repeat what's said on the website, so I'll let you read more about "Make Yourself Happy" if you fancy it, and reflect on my experience at The Alice House.

First, we had to choose the design of our necklace - we could go beginner, intermediate or expert. Ever the confident one (not), I decided to keep it simple and go for the most basic design, which could be worn as a choker, or made into a longer necklace.

Left to right - Intermediate, beginner, expert

Then we chose our thread. I went for a briiight bright blue, as it matched my outfit that day (black top, black skirt with pink and blue print if anyone cares, haha).

Then we were told to empty the pretty, very Instagram-worthy bags in our places, where we found a little booklet which comprised of instructions and a knitting needle.

The cute-as-a-button monochrome booklet

I was really impressed to see that they offer online tutorials, too - perfect for someone like me who needs constant reassurance to check that I'm doing it right, but with *just* enough independence to make me feel like yeahhh, I got this.

So then we got started, and it was a little tricky with pretty much everyone needing help with how to get the initial knot perfect. The instruction manual wasn't completely clear, alas. But as soon as we'd got over that initial hurdle, we were away!

I was sat next to the nicest girls, and one came up with a little way to remember how to do the knots which stuck in my mind for the whole session. So thank you! I won't repeat it here because really, it makes no sense whatsoever without the context. You'll just have to trust me that it did the trick.

My effort, a third of the way through

The funniest thing about the class was that your necklace seemed to be quite reflective of the type of person you were. Lots of girls's necklaces were loose, and looked amazingly boho and brilliant - and then there was mine, which was the tightest, skinniest necklace in the room and took me the entire session to complete... Tightly wound perfectionist, anyone??

But the thing is - it was so therapeutic. With every knot I made, a knot inside me loosened a little. Like the site says, tying the knots puts you in quite a meditative state, and I was very much in the er, macramé zone. I felt very zen by the end of it, because there's something very soothing about a repetitive, constructive action. In fact, I was quite disappointed when my thread came to an end.

The only frustrating element of the experience was that it got really dark towards the end in our room - people were having to get their iPhone torches out to complete their design, which wasn't ideal! Otherwise I had such a fantastic time in really lovely company, and the people on-hand were very helpful and approachable.

Keep your eyes peeled for more events by Wool and the Gang - I definitely recommend it, whether you decide to go it alone or bring friends along for a craft and a giggle.

*I was invited by the people who represent The Alice House in exchange for review - but all opinions expressed are my own :)

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