24 June 2016

Not your typical London Galleries

Okay, so I didn't know what to title this post. Actually, that's a lie - I wanted to call it "Art that isn't at the Tate Modern or the V&A which is still pretty cool", but that was too long. So now we're all stuck with the smaller, more awkward version. But it's not about the title, it's about the art, right?

20 June 2016

Hello Kitty Afternoon Tea, Cutter & Squidge

As an out-there-and-proud crazy cat lady, I was beyond excited when I heard on the grapevine that Europe's first Hello Kitty Afternoon Tea would be setting up camp in the basement at Soho bakery, Cutter and Squidge.

13 June 2016

La Terrazza, Number 90 Bar & Kitchen

How many Terrazzas is too many terrazzas? Answer: none. I love them. I say, bring them on, but, UK, you need to get your act together and let it be warm enough for us to enjoy them.

9 June 2016

Spritz Suppers with Forza Win, AKA I love Aperol

It's only since I've moved to London that I've discovered the Aperol Spritz. But when I discovered it, I fell truly, madly, deeply. Loud and delicious, it's a drink close to my heart, and one that I associate with my favourite season - summer.

4 June 2016

Joss says something: Dating will always be a thing

Following on from my experience of DATE LAB a few weeks ago, I was delighted when founder Joss Wyatt agreed to answer some questions about the nature of love and dating. 
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