13 June 2016

La Terrazza, Number 90 Bar & Kitchen

How many Terrazzas is too many terrazzas? Answer: none. I love them. I say, bring them on, but, UK, you need to get your act together and let it be warm enough for us to enjoy them.

Living the other side of London, I don't venture out East as much as I'd like to. So even though it was on a school night, when the opportunity arose to visit the new Mexican terrace La Terrazza at Hackney's Number 90 Bar & Kitchen, I decided to not care about the mammoth journey home at the end of the evening.

The venue proved pretty hard to miss...

When we walked up to the entrance, we were told to head to the back to get our green wristbands, i.e. the ticket to frozen margaritas. The dream.

The venue uses El Jimador tequila - a brand of tequila I hadn't heard of, but then I am not a tequila fan. Me and tequila gets very messy, very fast, and I really can't abide the smell, or the taste (hello, flashbacks to my student days).

But, when in Rome. Or should I say, when in Hackney...

I was told that unlike a lot of other tequila brands, it's made with 100% hand-harvested agave, which makes it far more palatable.

On Saturday and Sunday La Terrazza will be offering up bottomless margaritas for 2 hours for £20. So basically even if you only manage 2 per hour, that's £5 per cocktail which is unheard of in London. But trust me, they go down quickly - you'll manage more than 4, but you might just have to deal with the odd brainfreeze.

Worth it.

The bar was loaded, so all that was left to do was get on those margaritas - with a choice of plain, strawberry or passion fruit.

If I had to choose... I wouldn't. We remained unfaithful to both, and switched between strawberry and passion fruit - no one seemed content to go for a plain margarita when they had the option of these instead.

It's a shame it was so cold. But the drinks kept flowing, and the night carried on regardless.

We were entertained by a synth-pop artist called Stormes- they look so cold here, I feel bad! They were great though, really mellow, and the main singer had an amazing voice.

Unfortunately, being canal-side meant we were very much open to the elements.

As soon as the food came out, it was chaos. I apologise that they aren't entirely in focus, but I had about a millisecond to take the picture before the guests nabbed them.

Mexican-style pizza loaded with beans, tomatoes, cheese and avocado...

Hard tacos with tomato, black beans, jalepenos, cheese and lettuce...

And avocado quesadillas - but they were messy and went everywhere, so no picture I'm afraid.

Eventually it got too chilly - even after doing a few shots of tequila in an attempt to warm up - so we ventured inside with our margaritas. And inside is just as cool as the outside (design-wise, not temperature wise, thank goodness). Can we have one of these places South-West, please?

Random planks of wood? Check/ Disco ball? Check. Picasso-esque grafitti? Check. Yep, definitely East.

It had a really buzzy vibe, but then again, it was a Thursday... and I know for a fact at weekends it gets even busier.

We spent the rest of the evening switching between talking and being millenials i.e. ignoring each other in favour of scrolling through our newsfeeds...

Squeezed in one more frozen margarita for the road...

And admitted defeat.

In addition to the bar & Mexican nibbles on offer, La Terrazza will be putting on an open-air cinema every Wednesday, yoga classes, life drawing, and hosting top DJs so you can listen to some cool beats as you participate in some cool activities - even if that is just sipping on your passion fruit margarita.

The best way to keep up with what's on is to follow them on Twitter & Facebook, so keep your eyes peeled.

On a sunny day, I can't imagine I'd want to be anywhere else.

**I was invited to this event in exchange for review, but as always, all opinions expressed are my own.

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