31 July 2016

Spectrum Collections presents... The Bomb Shell

Spectrum Collections is a prime example of a brand who has got it bang on. There are lots of make-up brush brands out there. Lots are pretty. Lots are good quality. But are any quite as covetable as these? I don't think so...

25 July 2016

The Latina Cook Supperclub, Bunga Bunga

You know when you have a list of places you want to go, but you never seem to be able to tick anything off the list (or is that just me?)? Visiting Bunga Bunga has been on my list since I first moved to London just shy of three years ago.

14 July 2016

Trade Union, Thomas More Square

Ever ventured to Tower Hill? Apart from the obvious Tower of London, there isn't much going on there, apart from a fair amount of office blocks. Or rather, there *wasn't* much going on until Trade Union came on the scene. 

8 July 2016

"Genuine Pizza" at Zia Lucia, Holloway Road

There are so many pizza joints in London. SO MANY. For me, it's great, as I could probably eat pizza multiple times a week and not get bored. So what does new kid on the block, Zia Lucia, bring to the table?

1 July 2016

Love Surgery at Urban Coterie

There are a handful of journalists I really love. To win me over, their writing has to be witty, funny, clever and ever so slightly self-depreciating to compensate for the fact they're terrifically eloquent. Two of these journalists are Dolly Alderton and Cosmo Landesman.
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