31 July 2016

Spectrum Collections presents... The Bomb Shell

Spectrum Collections is a prime example of a brand who has got it bang on. There are lots of make-up brush brands out there. Lots are pretty. Lots are good quality. But are any quite as covetable as these? I don't think so...

After last year's event, I was thrilled to be invited by Sophie and Hannah (the creators) to the launch of the newest collection: The Bomb Shell, modelled by Chloe Lloyd. Once again, it promised to be what mermaid dreams (mer-dreams?) are made of.

Funnily enough, the event was held at the same venue as Illuminated Ink, so I managed to find it without getting . Not that I could have missed the signature pink logo...

I didn't linger too long outside, as I was eager to see what was happening inside, and get up close and personal to the beautiful collection.

Oh, my gosh, inside was buzzing. And, unfortunately, sweltering. I felt immediately underdressed as I looked around and saw beautiful people swanning around in fancy dresses and killer heels, whilst I hovvered awkwardly, fumbling with my camera and trying to not-so-subtly wipe away the sweat from my face. Lovely.

However, the collection was enough for me to power through. I followed the directions to the bar (the event was sponsored by Premier Estates, so lots of yummy fizz), dropped my bag in the back room, and decided to simply embrace the fact my make up had melted off.

 Pink fizz, courtesy of Premier Estates Wine

I was overjoyed to see that they'd partnered with the bakery marvels that are The Unhampered Girls - helloooo beautiful cakes!

Almost too good to eat, but not quite. Once the queue of bloggers (including myself, obviously) were satisfied with the quality of cake photos taken, I helped myself to a handful of pretty cupcakes and mini doughnuts.

Elsewhere, there was a DJ set, and illustrations by Dom and Ink (Dom-in-ic, geddit?) whereby he drew sitters as mermaids. I know, very cool. As expected, he was in high demand.

I decided to get a closer look of the brushes, which, as with all of Spectrum's brushes, are 100% vegan and super-soft to touch.

And if you wanted to do a mirror selfie, Spectrum had us covered...

The make up station of dreeeeams. In glossy white, pink and rose gold, naturally.

After ogling the beautiful Chloe Lloyd (the face of the Bomb Shell collection), I bit the bullet and asked for a photo of her against one of the campaign images. Campaign inception, if you will.

Chloe on Chloe

And here's some evidence of how busy the event was (and also why it continued to stay oh-so hot inside)

There was lots going on, but your eye was always drawn back to the pink-handled beauties with raspberry-tipped bristles.

There's absolutely no doubt that this collection will go down well with fans both old and new. And you can quote me on that.

The thing about Hannah and Sophie is that they are such lovely people, and the girls I ended up chatting with were their friends from home and had come to London for the evening, along with the girls's parents (fittingly dressed in mermaid hues). The vibe, despite the volume of people, was relaxed and friendly, and everyone was really down to earth.

Eager to cool down away from the hubbub, I stepped outside, and all of a sudden I felt like I'd stumbled across the outside of The Ivy. I was completely starstruck by Love Island beauties Malin and Kady (and yes, I high-fived Malin for representing my home town, Milton Keynes. Love you, hun).

I remembered from the show that both were make up artists, so of course they'd be at the make-up brush event of the season (year?). And yes, they are just as gorgeous and tanned in real life.

I went back for a restorative cupcake...

And then saw Made in Chelsea royalty, Lucy Watson. Because of course.

Absolutely slaying, as per. I had to ask where her jeans were from (Dorothy Perkins FYI, currently reduced, thank me later) and summoned up the courage to ask her for a selfie, which she didn't deny. My life was made.

Filtered, because she was glowing like a tanned, vegan goddess, and I was just... me.

Once the cake table and bar reserved had reduced significantly, I took it as my cue to leave. But oh, what a night...

The next morning I woke up and drooled a little over the brushes that the girls kindly gifted before I went to work. Aren't they just stunning?

The Bomb Shell is due to go on sale mid September, so keep your eyes peeled on their website, and follow the girls on their social media feeds (insta: spectrumcollections, twitter @spectrumbrushes for updates.

**I was invited to this event as part of my blog, but all opinions expressed are my own

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