14 July 2016

Trade Union, Thomas More Square

Ever ventured to Tower Hill? Apart from the obvious Tower of London, there isn't much going on there, apart from a fair amount of office blocks. Or rather, there *wasn't* much going on until Trade Union came on the scene. 

Trade Union is an experiential concept, combining some seriously cool lifestyle brands with a diner-esque restaurant in an open plan space. Say hello to a barbers, coffee shop and florist, the latter courtesy of Maua London.

The space quite literally fills a gap in the market that is very apparent around here - the flowers give it some colour, the smell of fresh coffee gives it a homely feel, and the barbers appeals to the dapper male. The restaurant and bar, of course, will cater to a variety of tastes with New York inspired pizzas and dishes, washed down with an impressive array of cocktails.

The barbers, from Drakes of London, were offering complimentary tidy-ups to willing participants who fancied a bit of grooming.

And the baristas at speciality coffeehouse Vagabond were demonstrating the beauty of filter coffee in surroundings of copper and greenery (very Instagram-worthy).

We were initially focused on the food and drinks offerings - first up, extremely palatable espresso martinis...

Followed by some deliciously minty mojitos.

And then the food - fish tacos, beef tartare (not my thing at all, alas) and endless amounts of fresh sourdough pizza, which was light and more-ish.

And if you were ever to tire of downstairs, there's always upstairs...

Oh, did I not mention the slide? There's a slide.

And we couldn't not test it out...

And once we descended, we were treated to some unbelievably good ice cream from Jude's - I opted for brown butter and pecan (it tasted like browned sugar, i.e. caramel) which was SO. GOOD.

When home time came around, we were provided with a lovely tote bag with a little offering from the florist, so it would have been rude not to document it, no?

And of course, with their pretty interiors begging to be photographed, they're all over that social media hype.

Trade Union is now open at Thomas More Square, near St Katherine's Docks.

**I was invited to the launch of Trade Union launch in exchange for review, but all opinions are my own

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