10 September 2016

Unlimited Boozy Brunch at Big Easy, Covent Garden

Big Easy, the Bar-B-Q and Lobstershack, is larger than life. The site in Covent Garden is large, the music is large, and the portions are... you got it - large. They've recently launched an unlimited boozy brunch, where you can opt for Lobster or a hella meat, with with prosecco, wine or their signature "Big Easy brew". 

We arrived in Covent Garden on a sunny, bustling Saturday afternoon. Bustling is possibly an understatement... I'd forgotten just how busy the main street and piazza gets at the weekend.

We made our way to Maiden Lane, slightly more off the beaten track, where Big Easy is based.

You're lured in by the red and white neon lights...

As you get to the main space, you're greeted by a wall-length bar, and a more casual seating area, which would be ideal for after-work drinks.

Ready-made mojitos, mai tais and apparently "kick ass lemonade"

A rather impressive bar set-up

We were led around the corner to our table by rather frantic staff. The music was blasting, and there was a slight feeling off hysteria that rubbed off on me and made me feel like an anxious customer. Just before our drinks order was taken - prosecco for both of us - some glasses were smashed. 

But surely prosecco fixes all?

 The packets containing our bibs. As attractive as they were... we passed.

And then we were greeted with the menu.

My friend opted for the Big Pig Gig, with all the trimmings, and I went for the Lobster Mac n Cheese, with a pound of lobster thrown in.

It took a fair while for our meals to arrive - we had to check on the status a few times - but the prosecco kept flowing, which kept us occupied.

When it arrive, we had high expectations...

My lobster mac and cheese, with oodles of crispy cheese on top.

And my friend's offering, with *all* of the meat, bbq beans, and coleslaw.

Unable to resist any longer, we dug in.

Mmmmm, cheesy...

With the addition of lobster, it's a very rich dish. I only managed it eat half - HALF, before admitting defeat. You get a hella lot of lobster, which maybe would have been a bit nicer if it had been shredded rather than in massive chunks, as with Big Easy's offering. But that's just personal preference.

My friend, unfortunately, did not fare so well. Both our chips were lukewarm and tasteless, but I was able to remedy mine by dipping them in the cheesy sauce. She, however, had to make do with the lukewarm BBQ beans.

She loved the cornbread - cornbread, she said, she could eat all day - but the pork was fatty, and she thought the chicken might actually be duck because it didn't taste of chicken, and it was pink inside. So not a positive experience...

We made do with top-ups of prosecco, but the food was definitely a downer. The meal, when you consider it's £29.50 for a big meal and unlimited booze for 2 whole hours, is good value. But you'd still hope the meal was up to par.

I did a final exploration of the venue, which was still so loud, bustling and dark.

There's another eating space downstairs, this venue is huge.

Although I'm not sure I'd return again for food, the buzz, atmosphere and fun alcohol offerings (very keen to check out those frozen cocktails) mean that Big Easy would make a great spot for celebratory/work/any drinks occasion. For me it was a little bit too chaotic, the food disappointing, and the service hit and miss.

If you're looking for an unlimited boozy brunch bargain that's not completely full of tourists, this is your spot.

The Unlimited Boozy Brunch at Big Easy, Covent Garden, is available at weekends. For more information, check out the website and menu.

**I was invited as a guest of Big Easy for review of their Unlimited Boozy Brunch, but as always, all opinions are my own.

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