24 October 2016

I would happily live in the House of MinaLima

I heard about the House of MinaLima when it first opened a few months ago. An exhibition and shop of graphic art featured in the Harry Potter films, it's a dream come true for any Potterhead (i.e. me). A few Sundays ago I finally got myself down to Greek Street to see it for myself.

17 October 2016

My attempt at baking an anti-gravity cake

I'm not a baker. Bakers ain't gon' bake, at least not in my world. But when I heard I could create an anti-gravity cake and make it really cool, I accepted the challenge without thinking too much into it. But then when the day came, I hesitated. What had I signed up for?

10 October 2016

Pizza Express, Balham, has had a snazzy makeover

Is there anyone who doesn't enjoy Pizza Express? It's a British institution, loved for its reasonably priced, varied and - obviously - delicious food. The Balham branch has recently had a makeover, just in time for the launch of the Autumn Winter menu. 

4 October 2016

The Social Pantry, Battersea

It's no secret that I love brunch. It's my favourite meal. As Leslie Knope says, Why would anyone want to eat anything other than breakfast food? And I echo that sentiment.
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