1 November 2016

Locked and loaded (buns) at Brother Marcus

If you feel like you've heard me talk about Brother Marcus before, you'd be right. I visited for a mean brunch in the summer. Recently, BM has launched an evening menu comprising of loaded buns, cocktails, wines and beers. I was more than happy to return.

Here's a little preview of the menu.

My friend cracked me up when she praised the concise menu. She said it prevented 'choice trauma' - like when you're presented with a massive menu full of so many dishes that you get stressed up trying to make a decision. Such a first world problem. But yes, with 4 choices of Loaded Bun, 4 sides and 1 dessert, you don't have to fret too much. 

Just order a drink, and relax.

Speaking of which...

It was my friend's first encounter with an Espresso Martini (I know, where has she been?) and I opted for a Miss Robinson, i.e. lavender-infused gin, Prosecco and lemon.

My friend enjoyed her introduction to espresso martinis, but annoyingly I wasn't that impressed by my cocktail. It didn't taste especially of lavender gin, nor Prosecco, nor lemon. 

But we still had the main event to go.

I ordered Notorious P.I.G, my friend ordered The Pollocks. Incidentally, earlier that day I'd had an emergency dentist appointment, and he had advised me specifically to not eat chewy bread that evening. It's like he knew. So I had to have my bun "naked" as I gazed longingly at my friend's dish (the buns are focaccia).

We shared some Mac & Cheese Balls (100% better than MeatLiquor's - fried without being greasy, and the cheese was delicious) and had a portion of sweet potato fries with aioli. It had a hint of tomato-ey heat, which was so good. Kind of like sriracha.

The Mac Balls, up close...

And our dinner (again), because it was yum.

I wish I could say it was awesome, but I really, really missed the focaccia. The pulled pork was tender and not *too* smothered in barbecue sauce (I guess it's preference), and the salad of onions, apple, fried chili corn and spinach was pleasant.

But there's no doubt it would have been tastier in some good ol' carbs. Stupid dentist.

My friend enjoyed The Pollocks, which is essentially fancy fish and chips in a bun. Think battered fish, pea, mint and aioli. Tasty, no?

All the succulents looked super cute in the evening light.

And then we were told about the outside area, which has been covered to accommodate for the winter months.

Admittedly, it was still a bit chilly, but it's a nice area to have, and quite romantic with the fairylights if you're that way inclined (I am. I love fairylights. So basic.)

Although I think I preferred Brother Marcus for brunch, I feel like the fact it was a) summer, b) brunch is my favourite meal and c) I wasn't dentally-challenged, means my opinion is a little biased.

There's no doubt BM is a chilled, lovely place to spend the morning or evening. It's small enough to be intimate, but has enough space to create an inviting atmosphere. I rate at as a place to go to catch-up with friends, date etc, and it has a very local vibe about it, because it's relatively undiscovered.

I definitely want to return when my teeth are in a better condition, and get stuck into the salt beef loaded bun. Dreamy.

Brother Marcus is open in the evening Wednesday-Saturday until 11:30pm.

**I reviewed Brother Marcus's new evening menu in exchange for review, but all opinion expressed are my own.

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