28 January 2017

Misery loves company

Last week was Blue Monday. And blue, it was. Even if you didn't know it was a *thing*, you probably knew about it from the dozens of emails from companies telling you to BEAT THE BLUES with 20% off, or a free burger, etc.

17 January 2017

Pottery fun at Emma Bridgewater

The time between Christmas and New Year is usually spent on the sofa, eating, drinking, and getting up only to get refills. You lose track of time, and fall into a lethargic state. But towards the end of the year, my mum had other plans.

9 January 2017

Dating Diaries: See ya, Tinder

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that yesterday I did a bit of a caption word splurge and confessed to struggling with a few things in my life. If you don’t, then in short: I’m not happy, I want to make some positive changes, and I’ve deleted Tinder.
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