30 June 2017

Fiz Bar, Lights of Soho

My first thought when I heard that Fiz Bar, London's first sparkling wine pop-up, had acquired a ten week residency at Brewer Street's Lights of Soho was "...really?" As in "really? how on Earth did they manage that?"

26 June 2017

Croatia with Medsailors: Bol, Stari Grad, Split

The morning after what was a late one for many in Hvar, we had a quiet breakfast before setting off to our next destination. We'd heard whispers that we might not be able to visit Bol, but nothing had been confirmed yet, so we were left waiting, waiting...

12 June 2017

Croatia with Medsailors: Vis, Palmižana, Hvar

I'm currently suffering with a severe case of the holiday blues. This time last week, I was on a yacht, exploring the islands of Croatia. The hardest choice I faced was do I sunbathe, or do I go for a swim? So in an attempt to relive my experience, here's what I got up to with Medsailors

3 June 2017

Hanging out at Oslo, Hackney

I live and work in south west London. It suits me fine. I like the pace, the greenery, the pilates studios and the suburban feel of it all. But if I want to go out and explore, I always look to east London. There's always something new, something kooky, something interesting to experience.
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