28 July 2017

A Curiously British Brunch at Mr Fogg's Tavern

Mr Fogg's Tavern has been on my list (you know, the one all Londoners have, of places to visit, eat or drink, which is as long as their arm?) for ages. AGES. What a joy it was, then, to be invited to try their new brunch - launching next Saturday - complete with bottomless punch.

23 July 2017

Dating diaries: It's okay to not enjoy being single

This post is inspired by an article I read on Refinery29 a week ago. It was written by a journalist I love and usually agree with - the title and intro had me nodding enthusiastically (on the inside) - but by the middle I was lost, and at the end I was like, 'oh, right.'

18 July 2017

Rum-tinis with Pirate's Grog

Okay guys, my apologies, I did bring my camera with me to this event but - classic - the memory card wasn't in there. So I apologise profusely for these grainy photos. But here's what went down at The Jam Tree's Rum-tini Masterclass with Pirate's Grog rum...
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