6 August 2017

Spectrum x Mean Girls

Mean Girls is a cult classic, and one my generation goes back to time and time again. Even now, about 13 years after it was released (it was the first 12-rated film I saw when I turned 12, pre 12A era), people - myself included - use particular lines in everyday conversation. 

Seeing that Spectrum were launching a Mean Girls inspired collection, then, was seeing two of my favourite things EVER coming together. It couldn't have been a more perfect match: the sassiest, girliest film and the sassiest, prettiest brushes...

The launch party was incredible. Every launch the Spectrum sisters (Hannah and Sophie) put on, the venue and guest list get bigger and bigger. In fact, an hour into the event and the room is crammed full of stylish, beautifully made-up people. I was shocked to get an invite but I'm forever grateful... I won't complain.

Held on a Wednesday evening, it would have been a crime for the dress code to be anything but pink. And the room was kitted out with pink everything - it was le dream.

Pink cupcakes, pink bubbles, pink flowers... and the new Burn Book set created in miniature on the drinks. I mean, could it get any better?

Um, yes, it could. At the back of the room was a high school throwback featuring pink lockers with themed stickers, the brush set and case on display and TVs within the lockers playing sassy promo videos.

Nails Inc were offering pink-hued manicures to make your nails look so fetch, and no carbs were present in Candy Kitten's sweet offerings.

Definitely went back for seconds on these; so so good.

On the other side of the room was a GIF booth and what may be my favourite alcohol-based discovery of the year... I know, I know, crazy statement, but I'm serious.

Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur looks like a normal gin. That is, until you give it a shake and, voila, it becomes pearly and beautiful, what you'd imagine unicorn tears looked like. It's awesome.

When things started to get super busy, I retreated to my safe place: the food corner. It was there I indulged all my sweet-tooth cravings and gushed over all the beautifully bonkers Mean Girls themed confectionery.

 This doughnut was my favourite but I have no idea how anyone managed to eat it

Everywhere you turned, there was a Mean Girls reference. No word of a lie.

And I even managed to spot a certain Love Island couple before I left:

Jess and Dom looking annoyingly beautiful and not sweaty (it was hot in there)

As for the brushes, well...

As with all of Spectrum's brush offerings, they are vegan and cruelty-free - yay!

The bristles are ever so slightly crimped - I'm not sure why, makes them look quite funky though - but it doesn't have an impact on the application. They are, as per usual, incredibly soft and dreamy to touch. The Mean Girls set is extra special, however, as each brush has a quote from the film on it, lightly debossed in silver foil.

L-R: She doesn't even go here; You're like really pretty; She's a life ruiner; You go Glen Coco; On Wednesdays we wear pink, You can't sit with us; Grool; That's so fetch; Boo you whore; You can walk home bitches.

I adore this set. I adore the packaging - it comes in either a pink mesh make up bag, or you can splurge and buy the amazing Burn Book case with it - and of course, I adore the brushes.

I can't fault what these ladies are doing, so it's no wonder they are absolutely #winning at life right now. Every collection gets bigger, better and stronger, and I cannot wait to see what they cook up next.

The Spectrum x Mean Girls collection launches 30th August, which is well timed with payday. Just saying...


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