24 October 2017

Little Shuffle Club, Shoreditch

I'm kind of crap at sports. Actually, strike that... I'm terrible at sports. I only become competitive when I'm doing vaguely well, and then I get overly enthusiastic, lose focus, and er, lose. So the launch of London's first permanent table shuffle club, The Little Shuffle Club, peaked my interest. 

12 October 2017

A few from Lisbon

My trip was well timed. As the season changed, I said goodbye to the last quarter of the year and what it represented to me, and hopped on a plane. Three hours later, in Portugal, I felt lighter. And as the warmth hit my skin, I could breathe deeper too.

1 October 2017

Dating diaries: my three week relationship

Sometimes the things I want to write about the most take the longest to write, and are the hardest to write. I've written this in my head more times than I can count, but as soon as I tried putting fingers to keyboard, the words dried up.
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