14 January 2018

The Secret Garden and lessons learned

Our final day, we slowed down and took on the role of the flaneur. Which is just a fancier way of saying wandering aimlessly, i.e. being a tourist. After a lie-in and a leisurely breakfast, we headed towards another recommendation: The Secret Garden.

7 January 2018

The Atlas Mountains

On day two, we escaped the hustle and bustle of the Medina and journeyed to the peace of the Atlas Mountains. My mum booked a day trip which included a guide, an experienced driver (for the mountain trails) and lunch with a Berber family, finishing with a hike.

2 January 2018

Les Bains D'Orient & Le Jardin Majorelle

We didn't think we'd make our flight to Marrakech. I've never experienced a taxi journey fraught with so much tension, stress and doubt as we crawled along the M25 towards Gatwick. Snow and accidents delayed us, as a two hour trip became upwards of four hours.
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