4 March 2018

Dipping into Hipchips

I don't know about you, but I love a good crisp. I count Hula Hoops, McCoys and Tyrrells amongst my top three (closely flanked by Doritos Tangy Cheese). So a crisp and dip cafe is right up my street. Well, actually, it's up Old Compton Street, in the heart of Soho.

The place I'm talking about is Hipchips. It's the brainchild of chef, Scott Davis, who has worked alongside the likes of Marco Pierre White and Gordon Ramsay. The idea? To create a unique menu of dips influenced by classic British pairings and international flavours - from Moroccan yoghurt to cheese fondue.

We popped into Hipchips at 7.30pm on a Thursday. Actually... I saw it was completely empty and waited for my plus one to arrive before I went in, because empty cafes freak me out. It was a completely bizarre situation, as most places on Old Compton Street were buzzing, but this place was dead.

We got a large box of 6 dips, splitting it between 4 savoury dips and 2 sweet.

We tried the savoury special dip - hoisin and pickled plum - as well as Moroccan yoghurt, Veggie ceviche and Smoked cheese fondue. My favourites were the special and smoked cheese fondue; the yoghurt was a bit meh, and the ceviche was just like a spicier salsa and unremarkable.

The sweet chips are covered in cinnamon - kind of like doughnuts, but potatoes (they tasted better than they sound, trust me). The shortcake dip was incredibly sickly, so the undisputed winner was the sweet special dip, the Lychee mousse.

We washed them down with Prosecco and craft beer, in red cups. A bit strange, since we thought the restaurant was meant to be British, but red cups scream American house party...

 A selection of independent soft drinks on offer - we liked the packaging

They stopped serving alcohol at 8pm (!) so after being unable to eat all the crisps and dips, we left. I feel like they're missing a trick, here... Also, no one else came to sit down, only to take away - which I'd advise doing as an afternoon treat for your work colleagues.

But will I be returning? Probably not. The chips and dips aren't enough to tempt me back to a space lacking in buzz, and you're unable to linger with a glass of something in the evening.

**I was invited to Hipchips in exchange for a review. However, all thought and opinions expressed are my own.

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